2015 Fantasy Podcast: We're Back

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That's right ladies and gents, we're back.

The fantasy magic that you've come to love in audio form is ready to kick off the 2015 season.

Just when you think the offseason is getting exciting, we kick it up a notch. It's just what we do.

So you're probably asking yourself, what could you possible have done to deserve all this hype (I'm glad you asked).

We've turned the podcasting rollercoaster into one unlike you've ever seen.

We like doing things differently, hence our brutal honesty.

More voiceovers and animations, more bold calls and more fighting than you've ever heard. We promise you'll love it.

The 2015 Fantasy Podcast Schedule

Okay, so calling it a schedule may be a little bold.

We all get busy and at times you may not get to hear the beautiful voice of Nick Walsh, Matt Rodgers or Vincent at times. It happens, so prepare for it.

Starting next week (June 16th) we'll be kicking off the 2015 fantasy football podcast season.

You'll get news, shameless plugs about our personal lives and an NFL division preview all mixed together.

We'll kickoff next week with the AFC East (lots of moves, controversy and of course, the New York Jets - Vinny's favorite).

We'll hit the fantasy relevant, gloss over the ones who aren't and tell you how we really feel.

We haven't set what division will reign the following week (or any of the weeks after that) so feel free to share below who you'd like to see coming up next.

If this isn't getting you excited for the 2015 fantasy season, I'm not sure what will.

[Photo credit: www.literalis.net] via Flickr. Used with Creative Commons license.

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