Project FANchise Interview, Praising the Jaguars & Vinny Crowns Himself King: Episode 75

By June 3, 2016No Comments
Fantasy Podcast

The D.O.N is back.

The fans cheered in the streets for The D.O.N. and our management team couldn't keep him away any longer. It seems like the fans truly have control at LTFF headquarters.

Speaking of the fans having control, we got the chance to sit down with Grant Cohen of Project FANchise to talk about the pro-football team that is letting the fans call the shots.

He tells you all about how you can get involved with the team, how your dream of being involved in football is alive and well, and how you could soon have some really cool bragging rights.

If you're interested in our takes on fantasy football, they're in here as well. Vinny, The D.O.N. and I address fantasy trends, reader questions and there's an official NoHalftime challenge issued live.

It's time to click play.

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Nick Schreck