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Vinnys Waiver Wire Pickups for Week 9

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Well guys it’s about that time in the season were you know your situation. Whether you’re in contention for a playoff spot or not, you’re always going to need some help. This week’s fantasy waiver wire pickups are surprisingly running back heavy for once and that is a good thing.

Running back never really pans out the way it’s supposed to so, for the love of Tebow, try and snag at least one of these guys. Even if you don’t need a running back there’s always someone that needs them (hellooooo trade bait).

The Top Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Adds

Denard Robinson (Running Back, Jacksonville Jaguars)

The Jaguars appear to be getting there shit together somewhat on offense now…somewhat. This jolt of energy has been supplied by Denard Robinson. This dude has crossed the century mark in his last 2 games, both of which he was the starter. Any guy that can do that behind the awful Jaguars offensive line gets a gold star in my book. Robinson could be a great flex option the rest of the season as the Jags will most likely to lean on him heavily.

Jonas Gray (Running Back, New England Patriots)

Bill Belichick strikes again. I’m sure everyone had an idea of who was going to take Ridley’s role after his injury and I’m willing to bet a ton of money no one saw this one coming. If you were a Bolden or White believer you can redeem yourself by getting Jonas Gray. Gray dominated the carries in New England in a blowout win against the Bears. Waiver Wire Warning: there is always a possibility that Belicheck will bone you and give Bolden 22 carries the next game. He’s a dick like that.

Theo Riddick (Running Back, Detroit Lions)

If there is one other backfield more frustrating than the Patriots, it’s definitely the Lions. I put Riddick on the list 1: in his last 2 games played he racked up over 70 yards receiving with a td in each game and 2: I do not think Reggie Bush will get healthy anytime soon. Along with Bush’s aliments, Joique Bell has been somewhat of a disappointment so far and that has allowed Riddick to carve a big role out for himself in the offense. A bit of a risky flex but should be considered a good play if Bush is inactive again.

Allen Robinson (Wide Receiver, Jacksonville Jaguars)

Another Jaguar!? Another Robinson!? Yes to both! Amazingly Allen Robinson isn’t really owned at all in leagues despite being ranked just outside of the top 30 wide receivers. Robinson needs to be owner in all leagues, especially PPR. Don’t let the Jaguars awfulness scare you off from guys like Robinson who has been consistent week in and week out.

John Brown (Wide Receiver, Arizona Cardinals)

I’ve had Brown on the waiver wire article a few times before because of his potential and high upside. I consider him the type of player that needs to be owned in larger leagues (12-16) rather than a standard 10 team. Brown has had a very inconsistent season thus far in his rookie season but has certainly shown flashes of brilliance. He went off against the Eagles last week for over 100 yards and a score. If he starts getting consistent yardage, he has a very high ceiling. He ultimately has a high spot play value for the rest of this year and I’d look for his overall value to increase going into next year. Who knows where Larry Fitzgerald’s career is going at this point?

Heath Miller (Tight End, Pittsburg Steelers) / Jason Witten (Tight End, Dallas Cowboys)

I’m not a huge fan of Miller or Witten but I believe they are worth a go if you are hurting at the tight end position. This is more of a, “Eh, why not?” suggestion. Miller and Witten are playing the same role right now as the veteran tight end. Both of them aren’t as explosive as they once were but will certainly have their games of fantasy relevance. So if you’re tired of streaming and getting burned by awful tight ends you might want to get one of these guys to just coast out the remaining weeks. You could do a lot worse.

Brandon LaFell (Wide Receiver, New England Patriots)

The Patriots are on an impressive win streak after getting embarrassed by the Chiefs on Monday Night Football from week 4. Part of their success has to do with Brandon LaFell finally finding his place in the offense as the vertical deep threat. Brady and LaFell have been developing some chemistry as of late which has allowed LaFell to break into the top 20 for wide receivers. Although the offense has a few mouths to feed, LaFell should only see more targets are the year goes on. A healthier Gronk will draw more attention and Edelman has seen fewer snaps for continually dropping passes. Watch out for this guy.

Robert Griffin III (Quarterback, Washington Redskins)

Please don’t tell me you fell for Colt McCoy’s act on Monday night. Sure they upset the Cowboys but that doesn’t mean McCoy will become the starter over RGIII. The Redskins have invested a lot in Griffin and he will most likely give it a go this week after dislocating his ankle. RGIII got injured right about the time he looked comfortable in the new offense, perfect timing. He won’t transition seamlessly back into the Skins offense but he will certainly be a viable starter for your fantasy team for upcoming bye weeks. At the very least, Griffin is a great stash so if he’s available you should consider it.

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