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Choosing the Best Fantasy Football Trophy for 2018

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The Best Fantasy Football Trophy - 2018

Fantasy football is a game of pride, of joy and most importantly of victory. There's no greater feeling than hosting up your leagues' fantasy football trophy after a championship win. In fact, you may be looking for a trophy to fill that need.

During my career as a fantasy football player and fantasy pro, I've seen trophies large and small, bizarre and cliche. I want you to have the opportunity I've had, which is to hoist your leagues' trophy high to show the world that you're better than the rest of your league.

That is why I've decided to share some of my recommendations on finding the perfect fantasy football trophy. In fact, some leagues believe in honoring the loser (or league bitch) of their league with a loser trophy or prop of their own. I'll address some of the best options for both the winners and losers.

Let's face it, a great and embarrassing losers trophy can keep everyone in your league involved until the end. No one wants to be forced to display a hideous trophy celebrating their shitty fantasy ability, for an entire year.

Don't take the task of choosing your fantasy football trophy lightly, it's a decision that can impact your league for years to come.

The Fantasy Football Trophy for the Simple and the Sane

Some leagues choose to invest in a new fantasy football trophy every single season. Personally, it's not my thing, but I understand the value that getting your own trophy can bring.

It's a cheaper alternative than dropping hundreds of dollars at once. You'll have two options to pay for the trophy, make the winner take the money out of the pot they won to pay for the fantasy trophy or make everyone in the league split the cost.

I won't tell you how to handle your business, just keep the payment structure in mind.

Choosing to purchase a single fantasy football trophy each season will usually run you between $10-$25 each. Obviously, you can go much higher than that, but $25 per season should be just fine.

Just remember, if you're so good that you keep winning (aren't we all this good?) that you'll have too many fantasy trophies on top of each other at your home. I don't think too many victories can ever be spun as a bad thing. So scratch that.

Some of the more popular trophies we've seen in this price range are the ones offered by Fantasy Jocks, Paradise Awards, Trophy Partner, and Crown Awards.

The Life-Long Fantasy Football Trophy

Fantasy Football Trophies 2017Okay, so life-long may be a slight exaggeration. At some point, you'll run out of places to engrave on the trophy. That means you can add tiers or additional levels to keep the dream alive.

For any long-term redraft leagues, keeper leagues and dynasty leagues a trophy like this is a must. It's a way to continually show the progression of champions, or losers.

It will allow you to stack the winners and pass the trophy around in all its glory year-after-year.

This kind of fantasy football trophy is going to require a bigger upfront investment than the single-use one, but we promise it's worth it. It will save you room after winning all those championships, it will allow you to show all of your fantasy victories in order, and your name will be immortalized with fantasy champions until the end of the world.

Your two main options here are between a tower or large trophy, or a plaque. Personally, I love the large or tower trophy idea, it just screams look at me. Regardless of which you choose you're going to be able to stare at it for a full 365 days. Now that's a thing of beauty.

Some of the best places we have found for trophies of this caliber are Fantasy Jocks. They carry fantasy football trophies that range from $50ish up to hundreds of dollars.

We'd recommend voting with your league on acquiring a trophy like this. If you distribute the cost of the trophy evenly across your fantasy league it will cost pennies on the dollar. And I promise the second you win the trophy, it'll be worth every dime you spent to get it.

Carry Your Fantasy Championships With You - Rings & Medals

Fantasy Football Championship Rings 2017There are some who feel they need to demonstrate their fantasy football dominance wherever they go.

It's personally not for me, but for those of you that are into that kind of thing, this is for you.

Medals and rings that display your fantasy dominance are available for exactly this need. Personally, I would recommend a ring over a medal, but once again it's whatever you're into.

Wearing a ring to show off your fantasy dominance is a bold move, but one that some people can pull off.

If you're truly as good as you believe you may want to consider some of the rings sold by Fantasy Jocks.

This is a cost that I believe should be all on the winner. If they want to do something like this, let them. They likely just won some money to go with their championship, which means they can afford a ring or medal if they really want one.

Choosing to purchase medals for a championship win seems foolish to me, but you have that option. You could, however, have an embarrassing medal made for the loser of the league. Being forced to wear the medal in public will easily be a great punishment. I won't make recommendations on providers here, simply because there are so many different avenues you can look to go in when punishing the fantasy loser.

They Say a Banner Never Dies

Personally, I'd love to see a banner with my name on it declaring my fantasy championship.

Again, this is a personal expense that the winner can enjoy, but it's something that you'll be able to look at and enjoy for years.

You can get banners made across a wide variety of vendors online. Just see if you can find some cool artwork to go along with your new banner.

The Classic Fantasy Football Trophy

Fantasy Trophy - 2017 - Fantasy FootballSome people love to show off. They're all about the flash and being the center of attention. That's why I've broken down a few big-ticket items that can serve as your fantasy football trophy, or as an extra for the winner.

For those who are in long-term leagues, you may prefer to get a classic trophy choice.

Our league here at Lets Talk Fantasy Football has one of these which includes a solid cast, bronze finished guy on top of a solid wood base.

We have room for six winners on the front and then we can add new plates around the other three sides. That means for our one-time payment we get fantasy glory for at least next 20 years (we're going into our 5th year now).

Of course big-time fantasy football trophies and items like this can seem expensive, but in the long run, it really isn't that bad. Speaking from experience, the cost I paid, in the beginning, was completely worth it, especially having the trophy two times so far.

The Fantasy Football Championship Belt

Fantasy Football Trophy Belt 2017I know what you're thinking...wait actually I don't. I'm no mind reader. What I do know is that you're probably a wrestling fan. Wait you're not? Well, you definitely know someone that is.

My point is, there are some killer fantasy football championship belts that can act as trophies. It can be a league-wide prize every year, in addition to money/a trophy/whatever else you do.

In fact, I know quite a few wrestling fans who I believe would love to compete and actually wrestle for a prize like this.

There are a bunch of vendors online, meaning you'll be able to find the belt that matches your league and its personality perfectly.

Fantasy Football Trophies for the Fantasy Loser

What could possibly be more fun than crushing your fellow league mates? Watching them lose would be the correct answer. When people lose, they should be reminded that they performed poorly. Which is why I wanted to share a few fantasy trophy ideas for the fantasy losers out there.

Toilet-Themed Fantasy Football Trophies

These are actually more common than you think. They've taken the trophy community by storm and are a constant reminder when you go to use the bathroom. Its kind of like hey, that poop you're about to take is an example of your season, shitty (ha ha ha... funny I know).

Trophies Determined By the League

Sometimes the best trophies aren't ones that are pre-made online or in a store. Sometimes you need to buy the different pieces and create one that fits your league just right.

A DIY fantasy trophy will be the talk of your league for years and it will likely be something so vile that the loser is going to be ashamed to be associated with it. If they enjoy the trophy, you did a terrible job designing it.

Keep in mind that the loser's trophy you created should be respectful of who you're playing with. You probably don't want a dirty trophy for your work league with the boss. But when playing with friends the dirtier the better. In fact, the bigger and more outstanding the trophy is, the harder it will be to hide from houseguests.

Choosing the Best Fantasy Football Trophy

Choosing a fantasy trophy is a big decision. Regardless of how much you spend or whether it is a winners or losers trophy, work with your league to pick one. You'll all be happier you settled on a choice together, and odds are the league will agree to chip in together to get a trophy. It's a great way to keep your league together and to create an extra prize to play for.

My recommendation is simple, do your research and trust your fantasy rankings and you'll have a shot at the championship. might not have a shot to win, but you should be able to avoid winning that god-awful losers trophy you just imagined while reading this post.

Do you have any great or terrible fantasy trophy ideas that you want to share? We'd love to hear about them. We know there are some incredible fantasy football trophy stories out there.

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