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Walsh's Week 4 Fantasy Streaming Options

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If you’ve been floating on down the stream this year like me, life has probably been pretty good so far. Maybe you started Delanie Walker week 2, or maybe you played Kirk Cousins week 3, or maybe you said “Why the hell not?” and threw in the good ol’ Colts defense against the Jags this past week.

Anyway you go, the stream’s been nice, warm, and relaxing so far in 2014. Here’s where the news gets slightly less good. There might be some choppy waters up ahead, and they’re coming in the form of bye weeks. With several teams on the bye each week, the pool of usable players is about to get smaller on a weekly basis.

So is this the end of the line for streaming in 2014? Does the well run dry? Of course not! You’ll still be able to find good matchups on your waiver wire each week, you just might have to work a bit harder to find them. Or you could just keep reading this column. Either one I guess.

Fantasy Quarterbacks

Teddy Bridgewater

Teddy took over for the Vikings when Matt Cassell broke his foot in the second quarter this past week, and he went 12-20 for 150 yards while also adding 27 yards on the ground. This week, Teddy gets the shoddy Atlanta pass defense at home, which is a matchup we should all enjoy. Roll with him.

Kirk Cousins

If you decided to start Kirk Cousins this past week, you were a very happy person. Now look at the week 4 schedule. That’s right, he’s playing the Giants. Yes, it’s a Thursday Night game, which are generally sloppy and low-scoring, but I’m not too worried about it. With the relative dearth of good streamers this week, Cousins is a strong start.

Jake Locker/Charlie Whitehurst

The fact that I’m putting these two here shows that quarterback streamer matchups aren’t great this week. Locker’s injured and Whitehurst, his backup, isn’t a very good quarterback. That being said, Blake Bortles put up 15 second half fantasy points against the Colts this week in a blow-out. I would expect the Titans to get blown out, and whoever starts this game at QB to put up passable numbers for the week.

Fantasy Tight Ends

Delanie Walker

Walker’s quickly falling out of the streamer conversation, but it’s only because he’s now owned in nearly 55% of leagues (on The Colts will probably be up by a lot, which means a lot of deep zone, which means Walker will be open in the middle of the field. If he’s not owned in your league, pick him up and consider keeping him for the long haul.

Niles Paul

The argument I made for Cousins applies to Paul as well. He’s an every-week starter until Jordan Reed is back.

Larry Donnell

He fumbled this week, which hurt if you started him. The guy still had 6 catches and continues to see consistent targets, including red zone targets. You could do a lot worse.

Travis Kelce

The Gronkian tight end scored his first touch down of year this past week and continued his trend of increasing snaps. Kelce, like Walker, may be out of the streamer conversation sooner rather than later, as it appears he’s turning into an every-week starter.

Fantasy Defenses

Pittsburgh Steelers

I know, I know, they just lost Jarvis Jones, Ryan Shazier, and Ike Taylor. BUT, they play the Bucs at home. Mike Glennon should replace Josh McCown for Tampa Bay, but that's not going to turn around this sinking pirate ship. Expect some turnovers.

San Diego

Any defense at home against the Jaguars is probably worth starting, and San Diego’s defense is one of the more underrated units in the league.


Expect them to give up points, but expect them to also get turnovers against the Titans. You can upgrade them if Charlie Whitehurst is getting the start.

Week 3 Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Adds

So there you have it! Don’t worry about the rough waters, and just keep on floating down that stream. Love Charlie Whitehurst? Don’t buy the San Diego defense? Think I’m overdoing the Travis Kelce love (I probably am)? Let me know! I’d love to talk fantasy football.

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