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Week 15: Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings

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Let's be honest with each other. At this stage of the game you're likely in the first or second round of your playoffs right now, or you may even be in a consolation matchup if your league supports it.

The reality is, you did this without our season long rankings, but hopefully with some help from our fantasy football podcast.

Weekly fantasy football rankings haven't been our strong point, and we're the first to admit it, but we've put on a pretty sweet podcast if I say so myself.

I'm not here to tell you about what we did or didn't do well. I'm here to talk about the future.

The future being, most importantly, week 15 but also for next season. This is the first of what will become weekly ranking posts.

Each week you'll get a fantasy quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, tight end, kicker and defense ranking post. Each will have a slight intro from that weeks fantasy football expert, with the quarterbacks post sharing a personal fantasy related story.

We've found that our rankings aren't what will separate us from the others (our personalities and bullshit will do that just fine) but rankings are still important to each and every one of you.

This isn't quite a fantasy football related story to kick things off, but it's a promise of better things to come from Let's Talk Fantasy Football. And it's a promise we'll keep.

Without further ado, here's what I think of the week 15 fantasy quarterbacks.

The Week 15 Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings

There are some awesome matchups this week, and quite frankly, if you're in the playoffs you likely own a guy that's pretty good. If streaming fantasy quarterbacks is your thing (nice job), keep doing what works. Our fantasy analyst Nick Walsh has some hot takes on fantasy streamers in this weeks article in addition to some streaming advice in Week 15's fantasy podcast.

Before hitting a few of the big names and notes remember, you're one or two wins away from a championship. Don't fuck with a formula that has worked all this time.

If you're looking to roll the dice Johnny Football could provide your team with a spark. It's not for the faint of heart but he's a legit threat to run for 50ish yards (and maybe even a touchdown). Just ask Russell Wilson owners how much they love those yards on the ground.

On the more traditional side, Andrew Luck has more than 30 fantasy points in 8 of 13 starts this year. In week 6 against the Texans (his week 15 opponent) he went for 32.2 in standard scoring. That's pretty fucking tight.

Don't sweat Peyton Manning, he's going to want to silence all the critics once again. Teams will start respecting CJ Anderson and open opportunities for Manning. He'll show the Chargers secondary who's boss.

It's possible that the Patriots run the hell out of the ball against the Dolphins with Mr. Blount. Regardless Brady has thrown for at least 2 TD's in 9 straight. Start the man.

If you're still starting Kaepernick, please stop, you're making my head hurt. The guy hasn't broken 20 points in 7-straight. It's not happening in week 15.

My Top 15 for Week 15

Rank Name Opponent
1  Andrew Luck Texans
2  Peyton Manning Chargers
3  Aaron Rodgers  Bills
4  Ben Roethlisberger  Falcons
5  Drew Brees  Bears
6  Tom Brady  Dolphins
7  Tony Romo  Eagles
8  Jay Cutler  Saints
9  Matt Stafford Vikings
10 Matt Ryan Steelers
11 Mark Sanchez Cowboys
12 Johnny Manziel Bengals
13 Russell Wilson 49ers
14 Philip Rivers Broncos
15 Eli Manning Redskins

*It's important to note that most of my numbers and facts from above come courtesy of Rotoworld. The team over there is awesome and deserves credit for the info they pull.

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