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The Best Fantasy Football Pros Online

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Trying to determine who the best fantasy football pros online are can be tricky. In fact the exact definition of a fantasy football pro can be debated by nearly anyone in the industry. Many will argue that a pro is based on accuracy and how well they did over the course of the season statistically. Others will argue that a fantasy pro is one who provides you with the most information to help you make a decision, not the one who preaches to know everything.

For the sake of this article I'll support those who are viewed as the top fantasy football pros based on statistics and results over the season. With the 2014 season having not begun yet we'll be basing this years top pros off of the accuracy scores they were assigned from 2013. All of the numbers and information we are using are courtesy of Fantasy Pros. They are known for using a unique "PAY" system which stats for Prediction Accuracy Yield.

In this "PAY" system they look for the benefit the expert’s predictions provided on meaningful lineup decisions. The system turns each expert’s cheat sheets into thousands of individual “who should I start/draft” recommendations. They then score whether the expert’s picks were correct and how beneficial the advice was, based on the net fantasy points obtained by choosing the right player. A 100% PAY™ means the expert selected the right player for every meaningful prediction. A “meaningful” prediction is one that is not unanimous among their experts. They do this so that they’re scoring advice that you realistically might seek out (not obvious advice like starting Chris Johnson over Donald Brown).

As of the posting of this article we'd never spoken with any of the fantasy football pros below, we're simply sharing our thoughts on a job well done. Based on their results from 2013, the top 5 fantasy football pros were:

1. Jordan Tozzi of Legion Report (@legionreport)

Jordan first stepped into the ring of accuracy games in 2013 and he took the competition by storm. He held the number one spot from week 7 to 16 and ran the table. His advice was consistently top notch and he was able to provide a feeling of calmness even when things got crazy. He worked hard to earn the number 1 spot and we wish him the best of luck in defending his title in 2014.

2. Mike Clay of Pro Football Focus (@MikeClayNFL)

Mike Clay is know for his role with Pro Football Focus, Rotoworld, ESPN Insider among many other things. He is able to provide amazing fantasy insight year round despite wearing so many different hats. He was recognized in 2013 as the runner-up, a feat he achieved in 2012 as well. He made a late season run to reach the second seed. We wish him the best of luck in 2014 as he keeps his eye on winning the prize.

3. The Sablich Brothers of The New York Times (@5thDownFantasy)

Jason and Justin Sablich provide fantasy football advice for the New York Times. They have the highest weekly accuracy rating from Fantasy Pros from 2011 to present day. They provide some remarkable pieces for the New york Times and they continue to help fantasy fans everywhere. We wish them the best of luck as they look to rise into the top 2 spots of 2014 fantasy experts. In fact the odds are in their favor as they are the only experts who have been in the competition for only three years and have placed in the top 5 each time. More good things amy be coming.

4. Jake Ciely of Roto Experts (@allinkid)

Jake is a fantasy analysts for RotoExperts, which was founded in the spring of 2008. Over the years it has truly grown and they have continued to provide us with great fantasy advice every season. Jake is currently a Sr. Writer for RotoExperts and a Sr. Editor for He was recognized as the 4th most accurate fantasy analyst in 2013. We hope he continues to share more great info as the 2014 fantasy season approaches.

5. Mike Tagilere of Tags Fantasy Football (@TagsFantasyFB)

Mike launched his fantasy football site in 2011 after realizing he has an obsession years earlier. He's developed quite the following over the past few years and continues to strive to provide you with great information. His ranks are awesome as he provides you with nearly a paragraph of information on each player he ranks. He'll show you some stats, his personal feelings on players and some other important information. It's arguably the perfect combination. He finished as the 6th most accurate expert in 2012 and jumped to #5 in 2013. A big congratulations to Mike on the improvement, we're looking forward to seeing you make a run at the top 4 in 2014. You can find him online here.

The Top Fantasy Football Pros of 2014

Although the season is only beginning, these fantasy experts have already begun working feverishly on their rankings and opinions. They're all vying for the opportunity to call themselves the best.

Despite the fact that there has to be a winner and a loser (by definition of a competition) we commend everyone who competed. They were willing to share their advice and opinions with everyone who would listen. You've all done the fantasy football world a great deed and we look forward to seeing what you'll bring to the table in 2014.

Nick Schreck