Week 4 Fantasy Preview, Spinning the TE Wheel & A Mongolian Clusterfuck - Episode 20

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Fantasy Podcast

With week 4 upon us we knew that you were craving more. It's simply what us fantasy addicts do.

It's why we recapped week 3, put it in the rearview and sped off towards week 4. After all, they say better things are head.

We promise they are...because it's time for the Woncast (That's Walsh, Don and Podcast all mixed into one word).

Looking for week 4 fantasy advice? You're about to get more then you ever thought possible.

2015 Fantasy Podcast - Week 4

Here's what you can expect from the week 4 edition of Let's Talk Fantasy Football:

  • Game by game breakdown for all fantasy relevant players in week 4.
  • The players we're avoiding at all costs.
  • Players' we're panicking on.
  • Reader questions.
  • The same stats and nonsense you've come to love.

Let's get into the show.

Nick Schreck