NFC West, A Jared Cook Fight & Fantasy Drafts - Episode 8

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We have reached the end of the road of our division by division podcast series with the powerhouse NFC West.

It wouldn’t have been a LTFF finale if we didn’t have some technical issues as both Walsh and I drop out of the stream at different times.  But hey, Schreck is the king of hosts and handles the issues with grace.

The NFC West is home to the fantasy studded and perennial Super Bowl contenders Seattle Seahawks so that was the easiest to cover.  However, the Cardinals have been talked up all off season but can they really pose a threat and make a push for the NFC West title?

Also, the Rams made some interesting offseason moves in drafting Todd Gurley and trading for quarterback Nick Foles.  While the 49ers completely shopped the team and are looking like a disaster heading into the season.

We had our hands full.

Here are some the highlight and talking points we go over in this week’s podcast

  • The expectations for Russel Wilson coming off his huge contract.
  • Will Beast Mode continue to roll?
  • Can you expect the more of the same from Jimmy Graham this season?
  • Do we expect the 49ers to be terrible?
  • Can you depend on Carlos Hyde to produce?
  • Is Reggie Bush worth a late pick?
  • Boldin is the man and we tell you why.
  • Choosing between Todd Gurley earlyish or going with Tre Mason late.
  • Are any of the Rams wide receivers worth a pick?
  • Can a healthy Palmer elevate the Cardinals to fantasy stardom?
  • Is Andre Ellington the running back that you can depend on?
  • Which Cardinal wide receiver will finish best this season?

Don’t forget to join us next week as we cover all things training camp and preseason as the actual season draws closer.

Thanks for listening!

Episode 8 of Our 2015 Fantasy Football Podcast

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