NFC South, Fantasy Upside & Doug Martin Loses Body Fat - Episode 4

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Ah the NFC South, where there is an abundance of fantasy value and being a 7-8-1 team gets you a playoff spot.  Truly something to be marveled.

This division is once again going to be a shit show but that’s why you have us!

Join us as we debate who holds real fantasy value in the NFC South this season and who just isn’t worth it.

Here are some of the main talking points that we hit in this lovely podcast:

  • The value of Drew Brees
  • Ingram vs CJ Spiller
  • Cam Unleashed or Cam in the Pocket
  • Bucs and Their Awful Terrible Awful Running Back Situation
  • The Sneaky Value of Jonathan Stewart
  • Handling the Hype on Julio Jones/Mike Evans/Brandin Cooks/Kelvin Benjamin
  • Predicting the Atlanta Running Backs
  • Frank Gore Comes Up Again (Yes!)
  • And We Answer All Reader/Fan Questions!

Episode 4 of our 2015 Fantasy Football Podcast

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What do you guys think of the NFC South for fantasy in 2015?

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