AFC West, Raider Bashing & Fantasy Sarcasm - Episode 7

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We are almost at the end of our division by division fantasy podcast analysis as we take on the AFC West.  Raider fan Nick Walsh and Chiefs fan Nick Schreck get to talk up their teams (or not) in our second to last divisional review.

Towards the half way point of the podcast we all get a little sassy and Matt takes a serious dig at Walsh with a Raiders draft question.  Hilarious stuff.

Speaking of hilarious stuff, Schreck continues his deadpan sarcasm rampage throughout the podcast.

We aren’t all fun and games though as we handle some serious fantasy questions from listeners and overall tough calls to make when drafting.

Here are some the highlight and talking points we go over in this week’s podcast: 

  • Is Phillip Rivers the last of the starting tier for QB’s?
  • How will Melvin Gordon preform during his rookie season?
  • Will Keenan Allen have a bounce back year?
  • Is the Raider’s backfield deeper than just Latavius Murray? (No. Not Trent Richardson.)
  • Draft day value and expectations for Amari Cooper.
  • Should Jamaal Charles be the #1 overall pick?
  • We try to figure out why Andy Reid hates fantasy football.
  • Where to target Travis Kelce.
  • Is Peyton Manning still elite?
  • Is CJ Anderson worth a top 10 pick?

Don’t forget to join us next week for our final installment of this series when we check out the NFC West.

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Episode 7 of Our 2015 Fantasy Football Podcast

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