AFC South, Frank Gore Love & A Fantasy Star in the Making - Episode 3

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With the AFC East and NFC East fantasy podcasts out of the way we turned our attention to the AFC South.

You know, the one that includes the marvelous Andrew Luck, the always mysterious Jaguars and some other fantasy studs.

While we usually spend a ton of time on one team, this week was a pretty even split.

We talked about some diamonds in the rough, the Frank Gore train (which is surprisingly gaining steam) and if we'd pet Andrew Luck's neck beard.

For the record, I would.

Want a quick taste with some of our hottest quotes from the AFC South fantasy podcast? Coming right up:

"I'm not personally interested in it....but it's very interesting."

"So what I took out of that was that you think Frank Gore is gonna pound on light boxes all season long."

"I'm not sold that Bishop Sankey is bad. I think he might still be not bad."

Episode 3 of our 2015 Fantasy Football Podcast

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