AFC North, Finding Fantasy Gold & Getting Heated About Fantasy Defenses - Episode 5

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Our podcast journey has finally landed in a division that contains one of our favorite teams…my team to be specific…the Bengals…to be even more specific.

Obviously there is a ton of talent and fantasy gold in the AFC North (besides the Browns) and we tackle all the tough questions.

Here are some of the highlights and talking points we go over in this week’s podcast:

  • The Bengals backfield value.
  • Is AJ Green the last elite WR to take?
  • Draft Strategy for Le'Veon Bell
  • Earliest to take downtown Antonio Brown.
  • Expecting a Steelers regression.
  • Glossing over the miserable Browns.
  • Forsett expectations in Trestman’s offense.
  • Trying to predict Ravens wide receiver situation.
  • Tight End Roulette Rolls On.

Episode 5 of Our 2015 Fantasy Football Podcast

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