Darren McFadden Love, Texans Hate & Again Too Much Rams: Podcast #7

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Whoa there. We've been off the air for far too long, which is why we fired up the old podcast machine to get things back on track.

While Walsh, Don, Rodgers and Courter were off being adults, Vinny and I channeled our inner child to talk fantasy football all night long.

We missed the insight and nonsense that they all usually bring to the show, but for the second time this year Vinny and I reigned supreme.

The Fantasy Football Podcast

Throughout the podcast Vinny and I addressed one player in particular that we loved, some others that we hated and some guys who are being way overvalued in current fantasy drafts.

Sit back, grab a drink and get ready to have your socks blown off.

[Photo credit: www.literalis.net] via Flickr. Used with Creative Commons license.
Do you love the same guys as us? Think we're way off base? Give us a shout. We're always down to talk fantasy football.

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Nick Schreck

I’m a simple man with simple pleasures. As someone who’s always approached life with the attitude that things could be worse, I’ve had an awesome time so far. I've been a fantasy addict for nearly a decade, and I've loved every second of it.

For the record, I never actually played football. I have no doubt that I would get crushed running across the middle for a pass, every single time.
Nick Schreck