Week 8 Fantasy Preview, Gronk is God & Walsh Takes the Reigns - Episode 28

By October 31, 2015February 15th, 2016No Comments
Podcast - Fantasy Football - 2016

Fantasy football is a fickle beast. One that will lead you to love Sundays and hate Monday nights.

Those close loses and wins define us, and sometimes, even our seasons.

We fight through adversity and sometimes, thanks to a little bit of luck, we win the championship we've always desired.

But for now, I'm getting ahead of myself. For now, we need to talk about week 8.

More specifically, our own Nick Walsh led the way through our week 8 preview all on his lonesome.

Don't worry the jokes, stats and fun you love are all there. They're simply all from the one and only Walsh.

Get ready for a game-by-game breakdown, some crazy fantasy stats and learning why Walsh is the man.

Nick Schreck