Week 7 Fantasy Recap, The Darren McFadden Fan Club & Good Busts and Bad Busts - Episode 27

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Podcast- Fantasy Football

Well, well, well…almost halfway through the fantasy season now and the lines are starting to be drawn on who is good and who is bad.  What I mean is we have more of an idea of who was a one hit wonder and who has staying power for the rest of the season.

Please join me and fellow podcasters Nick Schreck and the D.O.N. for an official recap of all the action from week 7.  Once again, there was a lot more uncool shit this week that there was cool shit, but hey…that’s how things have been rolling this season.

Week 7 Fantasy Recap Podcast

Here’s what you can expect from this podcast:

  • Darren McFadden is back baby!
  • Crippling injuries and how to handle them
  • The major waiver adds for this week
  • Shit that was cool
  • Shit that wasn’t cool
  • Evaluating players for the rest of the season
  • Tight End Roulette
  • Reader Questions
  • Timmy Treat of the Week

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