Week 10 Fantasy Preview, Regression & Streaming Matt Cassel – Episode 32

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Fantasy Podcast 2016

The playoff race is in full swing with week 10 on the horizon and we are here to make sure you get to the promised land.  With some serious players out on bye again, Walsh and I take a look and in depth look at all the matchups for this week.

Just in case you wanted more than the usual game by game analysis this week we also give some suggestions for players to trade for that have favorable playoff/championship week matchups.  Whether or not you want to make a move on these dudes is up to you.  The choice is yours.

Week 10 Fantasy Preview Podcast

Here’s what to expect from this week’s preview:

  • Favorable playoff/championship week matchups to target
  • Studs to trade for before the deadline
  • Thursday night trap players
  • Streamers to plug and play (like Matt Cassell and Kirk Cousins…whaaaaaat???)
  • Some serious Tight End Roulette action
  • Regression and Positive Regression
  • Fuck James Jones

Vinny Gonzalez