Week 1 Fantasy Preview Part 2, Doug Martin Madness & Dead Silence - Episode 14

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Come one!  Come all!  Please join us as we continue to breakdown week 1 of the NFL season…god damn that feels good to say.

Here are the games that we take a look at in this fantasy football podcast:

  • Lions @ Chargers
  • Saints @ Cardinals
  • Ravens @ Broncos
  • Bengals @ Raiders
  • Titans @ Buccaneers
  • Giants @ Cowboys
  • Eagles @ Falcons
  • Vikings @ 49ers

We hope you listened to part 1 of this podcast because it was a great time and hopefully informative.  Part 2 certainly has a different feel to it as we add LTFF expert Nick Schreck and a few more beers into the mix.

Needless to say, there are some huge disagreements and insanely bold calls in this episode.

2015 Week 1 Podcast: Part 2

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Haunting dead silence at a very bold call
  • More split decisions on who to play and who to sit
  • Vinny vs Walsh aka Bengals vs Raiders
  • Who will contribute the most in the high scoring games
  • Big streaming options
  • Walsh attempts to brainwash Schreck
  • We talk about how our Sundays will go with football back

Let's get into the show.

Vinny Gonzalez