Week 8 Fantasy Recap, The Savage Garden & The Fantasy Ex You Shouldn’t Take Back - Episode 29

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Podcast - Fantasy Football - 2016

Ok so now we are officially halfway through the fantasy season ladies and gentleman!  You’re probably living it up if you own the big hitters like Devonta Freeman and Chris Johnson OR you want to kill yourself because you own Eddie Lacy and Dez Bryant…yea that sums up the season pretty nicely and totally makes sense…

Even though the season hasn’t panned out the way anyone planned we still have to muscle through and get out shit together.  The playoffs are right on the horizon.

Please join me and Matt Rodgers as we podcast and go over all the brutal awful terrible shit that went down from week 8.

Week 8 Fantasy Recap Podcast

Here’s what you can expect from this podcast:

  • We cover all the major injuries to fantasy studs.
  • We offer top waiver wire adds for this week.
  • Shit that was cool.
  • Shit that wasn’t cool.
  • Making sense of some shit that we weren’t too sure on.
  • Reader Questions.
  • Surprise Question Caller.

Vinny Gonzalez