Fantasy QB Strategy, Discussing the TE Cliff & Jay Cutler Becomes Mayor - Episode 9

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With our divisional podcast series complete, we've shifted our focus over to the draft day strategies for QB’s and TE’s.

Both of the positions are loaded with potential and talent making them incredibly deep.  However, there’s an immense drop off from the small section of ‘elite’ caliber players to the ‘not so elite’ ones.

In regards to the tight ends, the drop off is more like a cliff...with spikes at the bottom.  The decline for quarterbacks isn’t as steep.  For them it's more like a sloping hill that leads to a town where Jay Cutler and Andy Dalton are the mayors.

So what do we do on draft day here?  Do we just stream these guys?  Is it wise to invest high draft capital on early picks for either position?  We cover it all and more in the podcast.

So join me, Vinny, and fellow Let’s Talk Fantasy Football expert Walsh as we debate all things quarterback and tight end for draft day.

Here are some the highlight and talking points we go over in this week’s podcast: 

  • Most recent news and developments from training camp
  • Brief overview of our impressions on the Hall of Fame game
  • Draft strategy for QB
  • Determining the line between elite for QB
  • Walsh debunks the mid-range quarterback strategy
  • Explaining why the tight end position sucks
  • Why playing “Tight End Roulette” is recommended if you don’t snag an elite
  • Streaming and spot playing pros and cons for both QB and TE

Thanks for listening!

Episode 9 of Our 2015 Fantasy Football Podcast

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