AFC East, Old Love Affairs & Fantasy Values: Episode 1

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We know you’re pumped for the 2015 fantasy season to kickoff.

Well, at least we are.

It’s why we’ve decided to launch our first podcast series of the 2015 fantasy season to attack the fantasy value of each NFL division.

With so much talk and attention swirling around the AFC East this offseason we thought it was only fair to start there.

Believe it or not we didn’t make any deflategate jokes. No seriously.

We brought the old gang back together to talk about Tom Brady, LeSean McCoy and some old fantasy flames.

I won’t spill the beans here on what we thought about each teams fantasy prospects for 2015, but I’ll tell you this: Everyone is lower on the Jets than Walsh. Everyone.

Here are a few quote highlights for you:

“Tannehill faces the Redskins and Jags in the first two weeks. That’s two AWFUL defenses.”

“To me the Jets are like the 2011 Eagles.”

“Yes. Let’s make this about Frank Gore”

Episode 1 of our 2015 Fantasy Football Podcast

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Nick Schreck