Week 5 Fantasy Recap, Panic Time & A Tequila Sunrise - Episode 23

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Fantasy Football - Podcast

Another week of fantasy football leaves us in a wake of confusion and sadness. This year has been an enigma and week 5 did nothing to clarify anything.

Devonta Freeman at RB 1, Andy Dalton at QB 1, Larry Fitzgerald and James Jones as top 5 WR’s…yea we called all of that in the preseason.  God dammit man.

But enough of my bitching. Join me and fellow LTFF analysts Schreck and Don as we review all the action from week 5!

2015 Fantasy Football Podcast

Here’s what you can expect from this podcast:

  • Big storylines from week 5.
  • Waiver Wire adds.
  • Panic Time for some big name players.
  • Don says butthole like 6 times.
  • Buy Lows and Sell Highs.
  • Vinny enjoys a delicious tequila sunrise.
  • A shit load of Reader Questions.

Vinny Gonzalez