Week 15 Fantasy Recap, A Christmas Miracle & Possibly Some KFC - Episode 43

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Fantasy Football - Podcast

CHAMPIONSHIP WEEKEND.  Everything we have been working for has culminated to this week ladies and gentlemen.  To those who survived and made it to the championship game, we salute you.

By this point in the season you guys know the drill here.  Schreck, the D.O.N. and I recap all the action from the week 15 games.  From Odell Beckham being a punk bitch to Schreck becoming Colonel Sanders…this podcast has it all.

Week 15 Fantasy Recap Podcast

Things to expect from this podcast:

  • The Odell Ordeal
  • Major injuries
  • Waiver Wire scraps
  • Dream Makers
  • Dream Wreckers
  • Do we trust late season surges?
  • James Jones is a piece of shit
  • Reader Questions
  • Timmy Treat of the Week

Vinny Gonzalez