Week 14 Fantasy Preview, Rivalry Weekend & Rodgers Puts His Foot Down – Episode 40

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Fantasy Football - Podcast

It’s officially playoff time for fantasy football baby! Although some of you might still have a chance to get in for the week 15 playoffs so keep up the good fight to those in that situation. It is crunch time ladies and gentleman.

We here at LTTFF have some interesting scenarios in our league of record as well. Walsh and the D.O.N. are locked in at #1 and #2, Schreck and I are both 6-7 fighting for the #4 spot, and Rodgers is attempting to claw out from the #9 spot to not be in last. Speaking of which, we play each other and I hate him…a lot.

This is why Matt and I decided to get out rivalry out there in the open for the week 14 preview podcast this week. This get pretty heated with not so friendly jabs at each other’s teams and life choices. Needless to say, it was a pretty good time.

Things you can expect on this week’s podcast:

  • Big injury news to stud running back Mark Ingram
  • Some spot plays for injured teams
  • Jay Cutler talk....again
  • Guys you can trust to get you to that championship
  • Who likes Blaine Gabbert?
  • Bounce back candidates
  • Trap plays to avoid
  • Tons of shit talking
  • Reader questions

Listen in here! 

Nick Schreck