Week 14 Fantasy Recap, A Kick to the Balls & Playoffs Madness – Episode 41

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Fantasy Football - Podcast

To think there’s only 2 more weeks left and fantasy leagues will be crowning champions…pretty nuts. What a week to kick off the fantasy playoffs. Very crazy shit from some unexpected dudes and some clutch games from guys who we had lost hope in.  Sup Eddie Lacy.

The injury bug was alive and well once again just in time to fuck your fantasy dreams. At this point in the season the waiver wire might be dry but we offer some options that could save you. It’s not ideal to lose solid players this late but do not lose hope!

Week 14 Recap Fantasy Podcast

Please join me and my lovely friend Nick Walsh (making his return from being out last week) as we go through week 14 giving our unique take on the action that went down.

Here’s what you can expect from this podcast:

  • All-encompassing recap of week 14.
  • Tough playoff calls.
  • Covering all the injuries.
  • Waiver Wire Adds.
  • Cool Shit.
  • Weak Shit.
  • Us getting sad over our preseason crushes.
  • Reader Questions.

Vinny Gonzalez