Week 13 Fantasy Recap, Don's Vendettas & The Eddie Letdown - Episode 39

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Fantasy Football - Podcast

With another fantasy week in the books, you've likely hit the playoffs.

If you didn't well there's always next year kids.

Don and I team up to bring you a recap of all the cool and weak shit that went down in week 13 for fantasy owners.

We delve into our personal feelings, Don talks about Jay Cutler (he may secretly like him) and we answer reader questions until we're blue in the face.

Did we really advise someone to sit Todd Gurley? I wouldn't want to spoil the fun, so listen up folks.

But really, we did do that.

The Week 13 Fantasy Recap Podcast

Nick Schreck

I’m a simple man with simple pleasures. As someone who’s always approached life with the attitude that things could be worse, I’ve had an awesome time so far. I've been a fantasy addict for nearly a decade, and I've loved every second of it.

For the record, I never actually played football. I have no doubt that I would get crushed running across the middle for a pass, every single time.
Nick Schreck