Week 11 Fantasy Recap, Injuries Galore & Stopping at Wendy’s – Episode 35

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Fantasy Football Podcast 2016

Injuries and busts…the two things that have haunted the 2015 NFL season this year. It has been just awful. But hey, someone out there has to be doing well right? I’d like to think so.

If you’ve had the good fortune of having a good and healthy team this podcast is not for you. Get out of here you greedy dick. I am kidding of course as this podcast is for everyone!

Please join Schreck, the D.O.N. and myself as we recap all the action from the week 11 games for you.

Week 11 Fantasy Recap Podcast

We go through the usual cool shit and weak shit while ending on the reader questions.

  • Here’s what you can expect from this podcast:
  • Waiver Wire is awesome this week; we give out best pickups for the week
  • Injury News
  • Schreck stops to eat at Wendy’s
  • Me and Don grill Schreck on his 20/20 hindsight
  • Some trade away candidates as we near the trade deadline
  • Don’t be fooled by some deceptively “good” fantasy games
  • Players to worry about moving forward
  • Schreck breaks out the censor

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