Steelers, Overreactions & Fantasy Tight Ends: Podcast #8

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With many fantasy football drafts complete and many more just around the corner we fired up the podcast machine to bring you one final podcast before the big draft weekend.

By now you already know what you're getting, entertainment, fantasy analysis and some tom-foolery all mixed together. For free.

Although this is our last podcast before the draft weekend, fear not, we'll be back on that podcast roll next week post-draft.

This Fantasy Football Podcast

While the rest of the site was out prepping for the draft, Walsh, Vinny and I took a breather to talk about some of the hottest and freshest fantasy news that you need to hear.

Inside we've hit the latest NFL news, guys who have looked good in the preseason and deserved your praise and our tight end rankings and strategies for upcoming drafts.

Sit back, listen and enjoy (that's the easy part).

[Photo credit: www.literalis.net] via Flickr. Used with Creative Commons license.

We'll be back with the post draft podcasts the first week of September and they'll carry through the regular season. We know you want to hear more of us, which is why we're bringing more fantasy action to you.

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