We're Talking Fantasy Football: Podcast #4 of 2014

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Just when you think fantasy football podcasts can't get any better, they do.

The team got together this past Sunday (7/27/14) to fight and argue about our top-35 wide receiver rankings. Would you believe that we all don't agree on our fantasy football rankings leading up to the 2014 season? I know it sounds crazy, but we actually get into some serious debate. Prepare yourselves for some cursing, some fun and some fantasy football.

What to Expect from This Fantasy Football Podcast

Almost the entire team returned for our latest podcast, which meant more intensity on more subjects.

You'll honestly be surprised by some of the rankings and debates that exist, but hell that's the beauty of fantasy football.

What you'll hear inside include:

  • The Latest Weekly NFL News
  • Aaron Dobson on the PUP List
  • Gronk Cleared to Play
  • Charles Gets a New Contract
  • Ray Rice and His Suspension
  • Marshwan Lynch and His Holdout
  • Kendall Hunter Tears His ACL - Impact on Frank Gore
  • Andre Ellington Adds Some Weight
  • Vick Ballard Tears His Achilles - Impact on T-Rich
  • David Wilson Cleared to Play
  • The Tavon Austin Love
  • Michael Floyd Love
  • Crabtree, Hilton and Other WR Debates
  • Timmy Treat of the Week

We're thrilled that you're enjoying not only our fantasy analysis but also our spin on everything we talk about. We love what we do.

The Only Fantasy Football Podcast You'll Need - Episode 4 of 2014

Below you'll find an audio version of our podcast. We're working on other options for your listening pleasure, but for now this will have to do.

Audio Only Version

Saying we love fantasy football would be an understatement. However we know that we're not perfect at what we do. We want to hear what you think and where you think we're fools. Because clearly we can babble about fantasy players for hours. Give us your honest thoughts below. We're working on changing the fantasy world, one great podcast at a time.

[Photo credit: www.literalis.net] via Flickr. Used with Creative Commons license.

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