Wide Receiver Favorites, Overrated Guys & Reader Questions: Podcast #3

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Believe it or not the great fantasy analysis keeps coming. The team here at Let's Talk Fantasy Football buckled down to analyze their top-10 wide receivers for fantasy football for 2014 and even provided the Timmy Treat of the Week.

We aren't all business though, as we mixed in some personal fun and bullshit. You'll still learn all about our fantasy football thoughts, it's just combined with some of the fun you've come to expect.

What to Expect from the Fantasy Football Podcast

Our third podcast of 2014 was comprised of a smaller staff than usual, however it certainly didn't lack in the fantasy facts department. You'll hear from Don "The Manziel" Christmann, Vinny Gonzalez and Nick Schreck as they debate some of the following:

  • The latest NFL and Fantasy related news of the week.
  • Debate about our Top 10 Wide Receiving options for 2014
  • The guys we expect to bust from the Top 10 fantasy WR's and the guys we expect to sneak into the Top 10
  • Reader questions are answered on air
  • The Timmy Treat of the Week

We know you don't come here just for the fantasy football. In fact it's probably our good looks and lack of professional polish that draws you in.

We don't believe that there is such a thing as the perfect fantasy football podcast, which is why we'll make changes from week-to-week. In fact, if you ever feel like we've gotten stagnat and lost our edge, yell at us in the comments. We don't want to be the same old podcast, we'll leave that to the industry giants that have been doing it wrong for years.

The Only Fantasy Football Podcast You'll Need - Episode 3 of 2014

If you take a look below you'll find an audio version of our podcast. We've considered doing a video version of the podcast, but figured you'd rather hear our voices than be blinded by our beauty on screen.

We've also considered moving the podcast over to iTunes and other mediums. It's still in our future plans, we're simply focusing on other aspects of the site right now. Only so much fantasy football fun to go around I suppose.

If you missed our first and second fantasy football podcast of 2014, then you need to stop what you're doing right now and check them out. They may just change your life as you hear us debate the top fantasy football quarterbacks of 2014 and the top fantasy running backs of 2014. Don't believe us? Check our all of our fantasy football podcasts for 2014.

Audio Only Version 

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Look, we love talking fantasy football. If you think we're bumbling fools, tell us. If you think we have some good points, tell us (unless they're about Manziel... we hear enough about him from Don). We love the feedback, good and bad. We're working our way up in the fantasy football world, one podcast at a time.

Nick Schreck

I’m a simple man with simple pleasures. As someone who’s always approached life with the attitude that things could be worse, I’ve had an awesome time so far. I've been a fantasy addict for nearly a decade, and I've loved every second of it.

For the record, I never actually played football. I have no doubt that I would get crushed running across the middle for a pass, every single time.
Nick Schreck