Week 15 Fantasy Relevance, Streaming Your Way to a Championship & Too Much Derek Anderson: Podcast #25

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Join Vinny and Walsh as they explore the most important week of your fantasy season...The Semi-finals. Only thing is...they have had a couple drinks.


So why not take your mind off the stress of being in the fantasy playoffs (which you obviously are) and listen to the educated babbling of two of the greatest minds to ever walk the fantasy earth. *Some of that last part may have been embellished*


The Fantasy Football Podcast

Here are some of things you can expect to hear on this weeks podcast:
  • Way too much talk about both Donte Moncrief and Derek Anderson.
  • While the Bills D hold Rodgers like they held Manning?
  • Lots of QBs to stream, we go through the most trust worthy.
  • Who to get cute with and who not to.
  • Vinny babbles while Walsh takes a piss.
  • We play a ton of "Would you play this guy orrrr this guy?"
  • Walsh loves Johnny Football, Vinny does not...do you?
  • We like a lot of running backs to break the wall this week: find out who.
  • Eds depressing question of the week

Listen to us below via SoundCloud, on the go via iTunes or on Stitcher. There's never an excuse to not listen to us talk fantasy football.

[Photo credit: www.literalis.net] via Flickr. Used with Creative Commons license.


Think we dropped the ball, talked too much about Done Moncrief or Derek Anderson? As always we'd love to talk fantasy football.

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