Week 14 Fantasy Expectations, Playoff Hell & Dropping the Ball: Podcast #24

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With the podcast machine out of commission in week 13 we couldn’t bring you the awesome and hard hitting analysis you’ve come to expect.

We worked overtime, poured in our sweat and tears (and drank a ton) to get the machine operational again in time for week 14. After all that, we got it working.

Vinny, Rodgers and I buckled in and took the newly restored machine for a ride. And what a glorious ride it was.

With fantasy playoff implications going on for everyone, you can’t afford to miss this fantasy podcast.

It’ll be the best 55 minutes you spend this week. We promise.

The Week 14 Fantasy Football Podcast

What you can expect:

    • Previews of all week 14 games.
    • Good and bad matchups for the fantasy playoffs.
    • Walsh’s bold calls for week 14...without even being there.
    • Reader questions with playoff implications.
[Photo credit: www.literalis.net] via Flickr. Used with Creative Commons license.

Think we’re wrong on our week 14 calls? Believe we talk too much? Tell us below. We always love to talk fantasy football.

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