Fantasy Expectations for Week 7, Big Name Fantasy Busts & Fantasy Stars: Podcast #19

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The gang reunited to bring back all of the fantasy football podcasting you love (or hate).

We were missing one member of the cast, Nick Walsh, and while we missed him we made it through.

With a new host (I won't ruin the surprise), four fired up fantasy fans and emotions running high we were arguably out of control.

We were able to pull ourselves together long enough to talk about:

  • Our fantasy expectations for every week 7 game.
  • Our fantasy busts and stars for the week.
  • The biggest fantasy busts of the season so far.
  • Many of my bad running back calls from the preseason (ahem Zac Stacy).
  • So much more.

Listen, we're a cool bunch. So enjoy the fantasy knowledge we share (or at least take it for what it's worth - which really isn't much).

[Photo credit: www.literalis.net] via Flickr. Used with Creative Commons license.

Want to tell me how wrong I was about Zac Stacy? Loved the new host or missed Walsh? Tell us about it below. We're always down to talk fantasy football.

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