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The MattDonCast - Fantasy Headaches, Reader Emails & AJ Green Fallout: Podcast #17

By October 11, 2014No Comments

It's the fantasy football podcast that you've all been waiting for, the MattDonCast.

These two fantasy football rivals strapped into their seats, shotgunned a few drinks and prepared to talk smack for the first ever MattDonCast.

Just when you think they're getting along, you need to think again. Matt and Don throw curveballs at every turn as they talk about:

  • Fantasy Football Headaches and How to Deal With Them.
  • Reader Emails and Fantasy Advice.
  • AJ Green Injury Fallout and More.

Some argue it's the best podcast of the season. After all, it's tough to beat a MattDonCast.

Sit down, grab and drink and prepare to get pumped up. These guys will get your fantasy football juices flowing.

[Photo credit:] via Flickr. Used with Creative Commons license.

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