Looking Back At Week 3, "Hey Man...You Suck!" & Anarchy Ensues: Podcast #14

By September 25, 2014No Comments

It’s time again for another edition of Let’s Talk Fantasy Football Podcast as Vinny, Matt and Don take control over the show. With no Nick Schreck or Nick Walsh left to host, anarchy ensues as the most irresponsible members of the site try to conduct the show.

Join these three awful people/podcasters as they take you on a magical journey back in time as they revisit the action from week 3 in the NFL and their fantasy impact.

Things you can expect from this podcast:

  • A thorough game to game analysis of all the games from week three.
  • Panic Time for some major stars.
  • Newly installed segment "Hey Man...You Suck!".
  • Trying to make sense of the running back situation yet again.
  • Vinny and Don share a passive aggressive conversation about tight ends and the Browns receivers.
  • Matt’s desperation and sadness.
  • Discussion of the “-owski’s”.

[Photo credit: www.literalis.net] via Flickr. Used with Creative Commons license.

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