Recapping Week 1, Waiver Wire Advice & Previewing Thursday Night: Podcast #10

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Week 1 has come and gone, so what do you now crave more than anything else? Obviously, it's two of your favorite analysts here at Let's Talk Fantasy Football recapping all the action. Well you're in luck, pal, cause that's exactly what you're about to get.

Myself and my favorite Bengals fan, Vinny Gonzalez, hit the streets in the good ol' podcast-mobile to go through every game from the week 1 slate and tell you what you need to know for your fantasy team.

This Podcast

  • Detailed analysis of every week 1 game.
  • Blind fury towards Andy Reid.
  • Some waiver wire advice.
  • A preview of this week's Thursday Night Football game.

Come back later this week for another podcast previewing every week 2 game.

[Photo credit: www.literalis.net] via Flickr. Used with Creative Commons license.

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