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Where Can I Play Fantasy Football for Money?

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Football and technology seem like unlikely partners, but together, they have created a multi-billion dollar industry. This sudden rise in popularity has been taken to new heights with the advent of playing in a fantasy football for money league.

Where Do You Play Fantasy Football?

When two hardcore sports fans meet for the first time, the conversation usually heads toward one of them asking, “So where do you play fantasy football for money?”

Most fantasy football owners have teams in at least two or three leagues, with one of them being a fantasy football for money league. But, newcomers to fantasy football have a difficult time selecting a sports host website, as there’s too many options to choose from without the knowledge of knowing which sports hosting website is reliable.

Key Features Needed From a Fantasy Site

First, you must research each fantasy football host site, as they all don’t offer the same features. Remember, all of these sites are great at assisting in running a fantasy football for money league, but you’re looking for that edge needed to win the grand prize and a championship. You expect a website to allow you the opportunity to draft your own team, check your team’s daily stats and read helpful articles from the leading experts in the fantasy sports industry.

The top sites that host fantasy football for money leagues include ESPN, Yahoo Sports and They offer plenty of flexibility to a fantasy team owner over the course of a season, whether it’s the need to automate your draft selections due to a prior commitment or the variety of joining a public or private league. Others love the option of having their league’s draft at any time of the day. You rarely have any problems occurring during the course of your league’s draft, as the larger sports hosting sites have perfected their software to fit your draft needs.

Custom Fantasy Football Leagues

Some sports websites even offer the option of creating your own custom fantasy football for money league. They’re very easy to setup, as you can choose any amount of teams and your own point scoring system. The only drawback is the inability to publicly post your money league on message boards to encourage others to join. If you're playing with good friends or it is a league you organized before getting setup, there are no drawbacks to customizing your options online.

Playing Fantasy Football at Fanball

One of the best pay-to-pay fantasy football host websites is Fanball, as it offers big cash prizes for all participants. They offer different money leagues where fantasy team owners can start a different lineup each week, as your league championship is decided upon how many points your team culminates over the course of a season rather than going against one another in head-to-head competition. Fanball even offers a free league to newcomers to fantasy football where the winner has an opportunity to play in a fantasy football for money league the following year.

Playing Fantasy Football for Money

All of this information provided should prepare you to play in a fantasy football for money league, as the stakes are often very high. You should develop a unique approach towards your draft and strategy for the upcoming season. Study fantasy football rankings, read various fantasy football blogs and keep up-to-date on all of the latest news. Having a unique approach to your game strategy will help provide you with the edge you need.

Nick Schreck