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Playing Fantasy Football for Money: How to Win It All

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Winning it all in a fantasy football for money league isn’t necessary done by luck.

Fantasy sports experts feel winning a money league is roughly 75 percent chance and 25 percent skill. Every team owner needs to have good preparation skills and the intuitiveness to make the right decisions in order to win the fantasy football league title. Once you gain the knowledge you need, you’ll be in the running to win a championship for years to come.

I’m a Fantasy Football Team Owner: Now What!

The key to success in a fantasy football for money league is consistency. Now, learning how to gain this is the biggest question you must answer before the conclusion of your season. You must quickly recognize your mistakes and make the proper adjustments to stay ahead of the competition.

Obtain a copy of the rules for your fantasy football for money league, as it should include the procedure to draft players, the scoring system for each contest and how the prize money is disbursed. All fantasy owners should understand how their teams score points each week, as this will help to decide which skill positions the league is skewed towards. This information will help you to devise a pre-draft strategy in selecting players.

Also, have a clear understanding on how to submit a potential trade to anyone in your league. Remember, there is a trade deadline and some potential transactions could be blocked by the vote of the other fantasy league team owners.

Fantasy Football Draft Strategy

Your goal is to select players that achieve a level of performance that doesn’t vary over the course of a season. This theory holds true especially for how you will draft your fantasy football team roster, where consistency is an elusive commodity.

Fantasy team owners prefer to draft players that can make a contribution each week rather than selecting a “hit or miss” player, who can make a difference one week and then not show up the following weekend.

Most fantasy draft experts feel you build a strong roster through the running back position, but with the advent of the NFL becoming a pass-first league, you may want to look more into the trends at the wide receiver position. A No. 2 or No. 3 receiver on a great passing team might be a better fit on your roster than the leading receiver on a bad football team.

Observe the different runs at certain positions that will occur during your fantasy football for money league’s draft. For example, if you see multiple teams ahead of you selecting quarterbacks and you haven’t, then you better draft a QB quickly. Do your homework and know which players are heading into free agency, as they usually perform better to secure a long-term contract for next season.

The Do’s and Don’ts in Fantasy Football

Research every player that had great stats the prior year, but assume everything is equal for the upcoming season. Stay away from referencing draft guides that are published in May, such as magazines, as that information is useless for a fantasy football for money league draft in August.

Never over-analyze the final results in your fantasy football for money league draft. Other team owners will try to remind you that your fantasy team’s performance will be graded by how well you drafted.

That’s something that I believe is nonsense because only a few players can put up great fantasy numbers each week and the rest provide average stats throughout the season. Try to stay away from drafting a defense or a kicker before you have selected most of your skill players.

Many experts will advise you to be mindful of drafting too many players from the same team or that have the same bye week. I subscribe to the team mentality but don't personally believe that drafting around bye weeks should be a deal breaker.

In-Season Fantasy Football Strategy

During the course of the fantasy football season you must begin reading weekly injury reports on your players from the local media outlets, as these updates will help greatly in setting your lineup. If one of your top players goes down with an injury, it’s imperative for you to secure their replacement immediately via the waiver wire or via a trade.

Wait at least four games into your fantasy football season before you begin to waive or trade players. I also recommend showing some patience for your wide receivers, as they often post inconsistent numbers all throughout the season. You have to be smart when selecting making waiver claims and making trades with other owners, make sure you're making a move to improve your roster, not just for the sake of making a move.

Playing Fantasy Football For Money

At times, managing a fantasy football team roster has the feel of a second job. You spend long hours gathering information that you hope will help you make the right decisions. Despite all the work you put it, I hope you love every second of it. Because in the end, winning it all is as sweet as it gets.

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Nick Schreck