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These Fantasy Mistakes Will Crush Your Hopes of Winning a Championship

By June 17, 2014No Comments

No one wants to be the guy that gets embarrassed in their fantasy league. But lets face it, there are some people who just ask for the berating each year.

We all know that drafting your fantasy football team isn't rocket science, although some people may make you feel like it is. The biggest piece of advice I'll give you that won't even apply to the list of the top 5 is to do your research early.

Don't wait until the day prior to the draft. You're going to immediately regret it unless you can truly dedicated 24 hours straight to preparing (which in todays world is an eternity).

Having played fantasy football for the past 8 years I've seen some crazy shit happen and some decisions that I thought were common sense become not-so-common-sense.

My top-5 isn't going to win you a championship, however it should keep you from embarrassing yourself. Actually scratch that. You still might embarrass yourself, but at least you'll be able to say you prepared.

Fantasy Football Mistakes to Avoid

1. Putting All of Your Eggs in One Basket

First off, you shouldn't be carrying your eggs in a basket. Second of all, you don't need eggs to play fantasy football - regardless of how delicious they may be. What I'm actually trying to say is that you need to get your fantasy research from fantasy pros all over the internet. As much as you love what we have to say about fantasy, we're not the ultimate authority (sorry to break it to you this way).

In fact, we love the content produced by experts all over the country. Don't limit the chance to win a championship by using one source of truth. Your opponent certainly won't.

2. Showing Up Drunk to the Draft

Don't get me wrong, you should be drinking for your fantasy football draft (only if you're 21+) however you need to be mindful. Showing up drunk means that you'll be blacking out by round 4 or 5, meaning your team is almost guaranteed to look like shit.

Sure it's funny for all of the owners to watch, just be one of the guys watching instead of the one blacked out. You should be able to control your drinking for a few hours while you draft. There will be plenty of time to drink afterwards.

If you insist on being the guy that shows up drunk, good luck. The rest of the league thanks you for your donation this year.

3. Letting Your Team Allegiances Cloud Your Judgement

Look, I absolutely hate Phillip Rivers and Jay Cutler. However I need to be able to put that hate aside and evaluate them based on what they can do for my fantasy team. Too often have I seen owners pass on great talent because they played for their biggest rival.

Don't get me wrong, it would kill me to root for Philip Rivers, but if he's going to bring me a championship I'll swallow my pride and own him (while still hating him).

4. Panicking 

There are plenty of people who crack under pressure. They'll make random decisions and choices because their pick in the draft was gone or their starting back is injured long term. If its in the draft, stick to your rankings. That's why you took the time to prepare them and research. Trust your gut and your fantasy rankings. They'll do you well (unless you just printed a cheat sheet).

If you lose your starter early in the season you shouldn't panic either. Take the emotion out of your decision and evaluate what you'd do. It'll clear your head and allow you to make a decision you can live with.

5. Losing Hope

I've seen too many teams climb back from a 1-4 start then I care to admit. Sometimes your team is going to get off to a bad start, that doesn't mean it's time to give up. Of course there's no guarantee that you team will bounce back and carry you to the playoffs, but you owe it to yourself and your league to keep fighting.

You don't want to be the team that everyone counts as an easy win because you stop trying. If you're out of the playoff hunt you should get ready to play spoiler for those in the hunt. Show everyone you're there to play, I mean that is the goal right?

Playing Fantasy Football

Fantasy football is meant to be a great time, so if you do commit one of these sins, forget about it and move on. Worse things will happen in life. Just make sure you're having fun doing it.

Keep gathering fantasy football advice from industry experts and picking their brains. I've seen some incredible people responding to fantasy questions on twitter and I've found that many of them are extremely helpful. Give them a shot and see where you end up.

If you think there are other big mistakes that people should avoid share them below. As always we'd love to talk fantasy football.

Nick Schreck