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Fantasy Football Infographics: Where Numbers Matter

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Fantasy football is a hell of a drug. I mean game. I mean...whatever.

We all know that the fantasy industry continues to grow at an incredible rate, particularly with daily fantasy sports going mainstream.

We found some really cool fantasy football infographics that we wanted to share with the fantasy community.

Why? Because we're working on our own and we want to share the best ones that others in the industry have already created.

The Top 5 Fantasy Football Infographics

These infographics are in no particular order, they're simply the 5 best ones I found online.

While some of them may be dated, they all share the same common goal: to show you the numbers visually.

Some of these facts may surprise you about fantasy football.

Fantasy Football Infographic: From

This fantasy football infographic is courtesy of the team over at They've pulled together some cool data on daily fantasy sports and year long leagues.

While I'm not sure what year they're referring to as "Today", the growth of daily fantasy and fantasy sports in general speaks for itself.

Enjoy folks.

Fantasy Football Infographic - DraftTeam


Fantasy Football Infographic

This fantasy football infographic breaks down a ton of interesting fantasy football stats.

Ever wondered how much productivity is lost per year at work? Or which state has the most fantasy football participation? We'll tell you below.

You have fantasy football questions, this infographic has the answers.

Fantasy Football Infographics -


Fantasy Football Infographic: From

This may be my favorite fantasy football infographic of the bunch. Why? Because it's clean, big and easy to read. Plus they've got some awesome data.

Take a look at the growth of fantasy football people.

Fantasy Football Infographics - Data


Fantasy Football Infographic: From Good and Column Five

If you're looking for numbers and info about the economics of fantasy sports, this infographic has you covered.

I mean they say that 73% of people have bought beer in the last month. Beer and fantasy football together, it's an incredible theory.

Also, if you don't make between $60k and $100k a year, you're outside the average for a fantasy sports player. That doesn't include the people that do this for a living, this is simply average joes we're talking about.

Fantasy Football Infographic - Greenbacks


Fantasy Football Infographic: From TurboTax

If the author of this infographic doesn't show you how big fantasy football is, I'm not sure what will.

TurboTax shows us some incredible, and disturbing facts, about fantasy. I'd tell you what they were, but you need to see this for yourself.

Fantasy Football Infographic - Obsession


Recapping the Fantasy Football Infographics

There you have it folks. The top 5 fantasy football infographics that we could get our hands on.

Well, that's until we release our very on fantasy infographic this summer.

That's right, the Let's Talk Fantasy Football team is working on a few things behind the scenes.

Get ready to see fantasy football like you've never seen before.

Do you have infographics that you think we should have included? Tell me below!

Nick Schreck