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We Can't Believe the Growth of the Fantasy Football Industry

By October 6, 2015February 15th, 2016No Comments
Fantasy Football Infographic

We know that fantasy football is big, we just never knew quite how big.

If the infographic created by our friends over at Sports Management Degree Hub is to be believed, you'd think we may be onto something here at Let's Talk Fantasy Football.

Sure we don't actually host contests or leagues, but we sure do love talking fantasy football.

The more people that play, the more people we can interact with. That's a win for us.

Now let's explore just how big season long fantasy, daily fantasy and the industry has grown.


Fantasy Football Infographic

Other Fantasy Football Infographics

We've seen a ton of great fantasy football infographics, this one included. Here are some of our other favorites:

This infographic is courtesy of Sports Management Degree Hub and was reposted with their permission. All stats, information and numbers were provided by and sourced by their team.

Nick Schreck