Wednesday, July 26, 2017

About LTFF

When Let's Talk Fantasy Football launched in 2014, fantasy football was a household item. We've done nothing to change that. In fact, since that time we've simply shown you why listening to the corporate hacks give you fantasy advice is the wrong way to go. Today, we continue to be brutally honest with our advice, even when you don't like what we have to say.

Meet The Team

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Nick Schreck


Nick was proud of this site before it grew to this size. Back in the day it was just him and his mom reading posts. Now that it's reaching thousands of fans he's trying to make it the ultimate fantasy resource. With a background in digital marketing he's looking to transform the industry one podcast and post at a time.

Vincent Gonzalez

Sr. Analyst

Vinny's a fantasy analyst that every player can identify with. He falls in love with a few guys and never looks back. Surprisingly, he used to hate fantasy football. But now, now he's fallen in love.

Fantasy Advice 2016 - Matt

Matt Rodgers

Sr. Analyst

Hero? I’m just a man. Genius? You flatter me. It’s not that I refute the compliments people give me, it’s just that fantasy football requires some modesty and humility. Surely there’s times to gloat and inflate your ego, but I’ll wait to talk trash until the Monday night victory is sealed like the coward I am.

Fantasy Advice - Don

Don Christmann

Director of HR

Don's the glue that holds the team together. From his love for TJ Yeldon to Knowshon Amaretto he's bound to make you do a double take. He isn't only focused on fantasy football, he also grows a mustache every Movember, because he's a good guy and likes the look. He manages our team here at LTFF....yeah you read that right.

Walsh - Fantasy Advice

Nick Walsh

Director of Operations

Walsh is living proof that you can be a jack of all trades and be the master of them all. He's our resident DFS and Raiders expert...and quite frankly the smartest fantasy analyst we've got. He wants you to know that he likes his fantasy football like he likes his coffee: all the damn time.