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Fantasy Football Draft Boards For Sale

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The fantasy football season is rapidly approaching and it's time to select a fantasy draft board. You've been using the same site and vendor for years, but is it time to change? I know, I know, you probably fear change. But what if I told you that you could find an even better draft board for the same price?

It sounds too good to be true doesn't it? Well the fact of the matter is that it depends. It depends on what you truly want out of a fantasy draft board. If you're looking for your standard disposable board, you've probably found as a good of a supplier as any.

If you're looking for fantasy draft boards that are:

  • Reusable
  • Sexy
  • Customizable
  • Comes With Everything You Need for Draft Day

Then I'd recommend checking out some of the sites below. They have fantasy football draft boards for sale that will meet every need you can think of (well almost any).

Fantasy Football Draft Boards on Sale

1. Commish Kit

Commish kit knows how to appeal to the average male football fan. By using girls. They've got a wide range of fantasy draft boards for you to choose from and they offer a ton of other options like draft sheets, labels, rules, draft clocks and so much more. The site appears a bit dated, however they have some great products. I've never bought a board from them, but they consistently show up in google. That means they must be doing something right.

2. Brunos Draft Kits

Here's my only warning, they have an annoying video that plays once you hit the homepage. You've been warned. However following that they have a great selection. Thy offer the commissioner's dream and many customizable draft board options. They may be one of the top fantasy football draft board options.

3. FJ Fantasy Sports

FJ keeps it simple. The site is as straight forward as it gets. Click the sport you want, select the board our labels you want and then you're off to the races. They eliminate the headaches of having too many options to choose from. If you want an easy process with a great fantasy draft board, give these guys a shot.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Fantasy Draft Board

1. Know Your Draft Date

If you're making the decision to buy your draft board in June or early July, I commend you. You don't have to sweat about your draft date, although you should have it determined by then. This advice is for those who are purchasing draft boards at the last minute. Make sure you know what date, what time and where your draft will be held. You may have to pay for overnight shipping or purchase from a different vendor.

Remember, for every one of you that forgot to order the draft board early, there's at least one more person who did the same. Just be mindful of shipping times from each prospective site. They may have draft boards for sale, but if they can't deliver them in time your league will haze you forever.

2. Know The Rules of Your League

If you've been given the authority to purchase your teams draft board it's assumed that you know what you're doing. That means know your leagues rules, size and any other details that will impact your draft board purchase. The last thing you want to do is get a board that is short on team slots or missing stickers. Everyone will hate you for it.

3. Don't Let Money Control Your Decision

I know that no league wants to spend a fortune on a draft board. That's completely understandable. What's not understandable is letting the amount of money you collect from the league dictate the board you get. Instead decide which features of a draft board you need to have and which are luxuries. At that point the perfect board will recommend itself, and you'll be snagging the best fantasy draft board for sale.

Buying a Fantasy Football Draft Board

Buying a fantasy draft board may be the most important decision you make in your life (besides the actual picks you make in the draft). Yeah, I don't think there could be anything else in your life that's more important.

That's why I recommend checking out the three providers above, in addition to some of the more mainstream avenues such as CBSSports, NFL, etc.

Let's Talk Fantasy Football is not affiliated with any of the sites listed here and received nothing in return for recommending them. We purely wanted to help you find the best fantasy draft board. 

If you prefer a different supplier or know someplace else that sells draft boards that you'd recommend, please share them with us below.

Nick Schreck