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How to Choose the Perfect Fantasy Football Draft Board

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There are not many days quite like draft day. The combination of the dreams and ambitions of your fantasy football team with friends, football, and beer galore, there are few days as beautiful as a good draft day.

One of the most important features of a great draft day is often overlooked: the fantasy football draft board. A draft board is an exciting addition to any league that brings a high level of utility. Say goodbye to error filled lists of already drafted players frantically kept by each owner and say hello to a clear indicator of your draft and your progress.

Any respectable league should look into getting a fantasy football draft board and one that will suit all the league's needs. Now, you may be feeling a tad overwhelmed with all the fancy options and accessories out there for boards, but do not fear -- the guide is here. Use our fantasy football draft board guide to craft your perfect board for your league.

Start with the Fantasy Football Basics

Before you even think about buying a board, you have to know the basics of your league like the back of your hand. How many teams are in your league? Are there any special rules (roster requirements by position, starting lineups)? How many rounds do you plan to have in your draft? Is your league a keeper or dynasty league?

Once you know the answer to all these questions you may start considering board options. But the worst thing you can do is buy a board right away, get all excited thinking it is perfect, and then you pull it out on draft night and realize you have 14 teams not 12 and it is useless. Don't be that guy. Make sure you know the basics.

Consider Customizing Your Fantasy Football Draft Board

Customization is the most fun option available. If you have a snazzy league name and hilarious team names everyone takes pride in (and which league doesn't?) then you need a customized fantasy football draft board. The best ones allow for your league name to be screen printed and give custom-made team labels.

Be Smart With Your Money

Hey, everyone knows that money talks. If finances weren't an issue there would be no reason for Jerry Maguire to yell "show me the money" over and over. We know that and you know that, so do yourself a favor and take our suggestion to get a reusable draft board.

Most great leagues last for years, and chances are, if you care enough about your league to be reading this, your league is a great one as well. Don't fall into the trap of buying a brand new draft board every single year and draining one-time usage money down the drain. Make the initial investment in a quality reusable draft board that comes with peelable stickers and your league will not regret it for one second.

Choosing a Fantasy Football Draft Board

Hopefully, you have a better understanding of why a fantasy football draft board is important to your league and what factors are vital in picking the right board. Now, you have to put in the research to compare the different options out there and pick the winner for your league.

Start your search with a couple of online options. The online draft board is a great choice if several owners cannot make the draft in-person, and can keep everyone tuned in to what is happening. NFL.com has a good write-up on some of the advantages of an online fantasy football draft board and one great source to look into buying a quality online draft board is Clicky Draft, where they have several pricing options depending on what you need.

Still set on the printed fantasy football draft board? Awesome! That is the best option and is by far the most fun for any draft day. For those hesitant to invest in the re-usable draft day board, which may not be the fiscally responsible choice you may think, check out the cheap but fully functional CBS draft kit, which includes all the basics for a great draft day board.

However, when you go with the cheaper one-time use board, you not only miss out on the long-term savings of a reusable board but the sheer fun and pride that comes from the customizable options. Bruno's Draft Boards has the perfect deluxe option for fantasy football aficionados in their Reusable Custom Fantasy Football Draft Kit. This solution is fully comprehensive and even comes with your league name screen-printed directly on the board and stickers for each unique team name. The stickers are colorful and bright, but most importantly, the board is reusable for years to come. All you have to do is order labels for each season.

It may seem early, but happy drafting everybody!

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