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Fantasy Football Draft Boards Reviewed

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As the 2015 fantasy football season moves closer to draft day many fantasy leagues and commissioners are likely weighing their fantasy draft board options. As many leagues host their fantasy drafts in person they need to find the best fantasy football draft boards for their unique draft situations.

That's why we've decided to break down some of the top fantasy football draft boards that are offered by some of the best merchants online. The actual reviews of these fantasy draft boards were conducted by Brad Perniciaro, of Cheatsheet War Room. Brad was excited about the opportunity to share his research with you, which is why we've broken it down for you below.

The Criteria for Review a Fantasy Football Draft Board

Brad reviewed 8 of the most popular fantasy football draft board merchants online. He broke down their ratings on a scale of 1-5 stars based on the following:

  1. Product Scope: This will breakdown all of their fantasy football draft board offerings. This includes the diversity of draft boards they offer, the quality of the draft board, support for auction & IDP formats and other draft-related features.
  2. Customization Options: This will breakdown the opportunity to customize the fantasy draft board to meet your fantasy leagues needs. This includes adding your fantasy football leagues name, owners names, mottos, etc.
  3. Freebies, Discounts & Giveaways: This will breakdown the companies that offer freebies with their fantasy football draft boards. It will also cover any discounts they offer fantasy football leagues or social media followers as well as contests that they hold.
  4. Website: This will breakdown how easy each fantasy football draft site is to navigate. You want to be able to easily understand all of your fantasy football draft board options.
  5. Price: This will cover the pricing of fantasy football draft boards in relation to competitors. You want a great fantasy draft board without breaking the bank.

It's important to understand that all of the ratings you see for each category is relative. A 3-star rating does not mean that the company is a bad choice for this criteria, it simply means that another company does it better. The review was limited to merchants that sell physical fantasy football draft boards and excludes online and software based fantasy draft kits.

The reviews for the 8 fantasy football draft board merchants below is listed in alphabetical order and is not relative to our opinions on each fantasy provider.Fantasy Football Draft Boards for Sale

Review of Boss Draft Kits - BossDraftKits.com

Boss Draft Kits has now rebranded themselves as Fantasy Jocks. I left the review noting them as Boss Draft Kits as that is how past players may know them best.

1. Product Scope - Fantasy Football Draft Board Offerings

  • The Intern: 10-14 fantasy teams with up to 24 rounds
  • The Custodian: 10-15 fantasy teams with up to 24 rounds
  • The Middle Manager: 10-15 fantasy teams with up to 24 rounds
  • The Executive: 10-15 fantasy teams with up to 24 rounds

Some bonuses that Boss Draft Kits includes with their Middle Manager draft kit is a "free" draft clock, commissioner hat and a Boss Draft Kit Beer koozie for every fantasy team in your league. The Executive fantasy football draft board package includes all of those things plus a championship trophy and a horses ass trophy for last place.

The packaging of these draft kits is great. It comes together neatly and is easy to repackage if necessary. The draft boards look and feel very modern and the text on the stickers, although small is very sleek.

Currently Boss Draft Kits do not offer fantasy football draft boards for Auction or IDP drafts, which means your SOL if you take part in those leagues.

Product Scope Rating: 3/5

2. Customization Options - Fantasy Football Draft Board Personality

Currently Boss Draft Kits do not offer any customization options. With the price of their boards I'd expect to see a few customization options for each fantasy draft board tier.

Customization Rating: 1.5/5

3. Freebies, Discounts and Giveaways - Fantasy Draft Board Goods

Boss Draft Kits currently only come with a marker and tape. While they are necessities, they're nothing above and beyond the normal.

Freebies Rating: 1.5/5 

4. Website - The Fantasy Football Draft Board Experience

Boss Draft Kits offers a great experience online. Their site is easy to navigate and understand. They use a lot of black and white on the site, which surprisingly isn't as bad as you'd expect. Overall a good experience.

Website Rating: 4/5

5. Price - The Cost of a Fantasy Football Draft Board

For a basic draft board without the bells and whistles, Boss Draft Kits fantasy draft boards are the most expensive in this review. The owners in your league may enjoy the perks of the Middle Manager package, but whether those perks are worth the extra money are still up for debate. The Executive fantasy draft board package is a good option for those who need yearly trophies for both the winner and loser.

Price Rating: 2.5/5

6. Overall Impression of Boss Draft Kits

Boss Draft fantasy football draft kits are best suited for leagues that are willing to spend money to get a sophisticated look for their draft. Their prices are high however you get more value as you spend more money with them. If your league is simply looking to draft and not worry about what the board looks like, look elsewhere for a great deal.

Review of Bruno's Draft Kits - BrunosDraftKits.com

Bruno's Draft Boards has just launched a new site, which can also be found at BrunosDraftBoards.com. They have revised their layout slightly although their product offerings appear to have remained similar.

1. Product Scope

Bruno's Draft Kits are great for their attention to detail and their different fantasy football draft board options. They offer 6 different types of draft board kits to fit the needs of nearly every fantasy football league out there. They break their draft boards into two main categories:

Off the Shelf:Fantasy Football Draft Boards for Sale

  • Small - 10 fantasy teams with 24 rounds
  • Commissioner's Dream - 14 fantasy teams with 26 rounds
  • Jumbo - 16 fantasy teams with 18 rounds
  • Elephant - 16 fantasy teams with 29 rounds


  • Custom - 20 fantasy teams with 31 rounds
  • Reusable - 20 fantasy teams with 31 rounds

You'll find that Bruno's standard fantasy football draft boards are printed on 30lb paper, which is about the average thickness you'll find in this review. One of the great things about Brunos fantasy draft boards is that all expect their small draft boards can be upgraded to a Banner Board for only $20 extra. Banner Boards are made of a vinyl material that is stronger than the standard paper and can be used to create a free standing board. No more using tape or thumbtacks.

If you choose not to upgrade to the Banner Board you can still purchase a stand so your fantasy draft board will be free-standing throughout the draft.

Bruno's Draft Boards are perfect for all types of leagues as they offer options for both Auction and IDP leagues, position based fantasy labels, deep player pool labels (50% more players) coach labels, punter labels and so much more. All of these labels are printed on 2x tall sheets which means you have less sheets to shuffle through when looking for players. They will also continue to update their labels throughout the offseason to ensure you get the most up-to-date labels for your fantasy football draft.

In the event that your commissioner, or designated draft board getter, doesn't get the board you can also download a version of Bruno's fantasy football draft boards. It's not going to save total face with the league, but it will be better than showing up empty handed.

In this review Bruno's Draft Boards is the only one to offer a reusable option. This is a laminated board that can be used for years into the future. Removable labels can be purchased each year for $35. This is perfect for leagues that are going to exists for years to come, if you need a draft board for multiple leagues or if you are a business that hosts fantasy drafts for others.

In comparison to all of the others in this review Bruno's offers the best selection of fantasy football draft boards. They have nearly everything you could think of needing for a fantasy football draft board.

Product Scope Rating: 5/5 

2. Customizable Options - Adding some personality to your fantasy football draft board

Bruno's fantasy draft boards is also strong in the customization category. They offer a customizable fantasy football draft board for only $43 which includes the following items:

  • Your fantasy leagues name printed at the top of the draft board.
  • The fantasy football draft board can be printed in multiple different color schemes.
  • Customization to fit the number of teams and rounds you need (up to 20 fantasy teams and 31 rounds). This means no empty rows.
  • Printed team labels (This is $5 additional for all of your leagues team names).

Customization Rating: 5/5

3. Freebies, Discounts & Giveaways - The extras of fantasy football draft boards

Bruno's Draft Boards includes a free Koozie with all orders that are over $28. That means you'll get one free Koozie with every draft board you buy. All non-banner fantasy draft board kits include draft order cards (cards you can draw for draft position) and poster mounts.

If you have purchased from them before they will discount your fantasy draft board by $3 for the second year and for $5 every year after that. You can also receive discounts if you are purchasing multiple draft boards.

If you choose to purchase the reusable fantasy football draft board you will get custom team labels for free.

Freebies Rating: 4.5/5

4. Website - Choosing your fantasy football draft board

Bruno's Draft Boards can be an overwhelming site to navigate. With all of their different product offerings and add-ons it is easy to get lost. Don't expect to go onto the site and make a quick and easy purchase as the layout is confusing.

It would be beneficial for them to create a grid layout comparing the features of their draft boards. They are clearly on their way to being an industry leader, however they need to make some adjustments to cement themselves as one of the top dogs.

Website Rating: 2.5/5 

5. Price - How much you will spend on a fantasy football draft board

Bruno's Draft Boards are priced competitively, but can be considered expensive by some. Their standard 12--team fantasy draft board is $29, which is slightly higher than the average in this review.

Price Rating: 3/5

6. Overall impression of Bruno's Draft Boards

Bruno's customization options and benefits for new and returning customers make their added cost almost a non-factor. When the cost is divided among your league you'll notice almost no difference between past expenses, except you'll notice an exceptional draft board.

If you're looking for a higher-end fantasy football draft board, Bruno's is a great place to consider.

Review of Commish Kit - CommishKit.com

Commish Kit has been creating and shipping fantasy draft boards since 2002. They have a very loyal customer base who swears by their draft boards.

1. Product Scope - What kind of fantasy football draft board options do I have?

Commish Kit has some of the best fantasy football draft board options in the game. Their draft boards are available in some of the following options:Fantasy Football Draft Boards

  • 8 fantasy teams with 30 rounds
  • 10 fantasy teams with 20 or 25 rounds
  • 12 fantasy teams with 20 or 25 rounds
  • 14 fantasy teams with 20 or 25 rounds
  • 16 fantasy teams with 20 or 25 rounds

These fantasy football draft boards are ones that you tape to a wall, however they also offer corrugated fantasy draft boards that are free-standing. These tougher fantasy football draft boards are available in 12 team or less varieties.

They are also known for offering a variety of other fantasy draft goodies including t-shirts, draft clocks, label only fantasy kits and draft cards for determining the draft order.

The biggest knock against Commish Kit fantasy draft boards is that they don't currently offer auction labels. For some this is a deal breaker, for others you don't have to worry.

Product Scope Rating: 4/5 

2. Customization Options - A review of Commish Kits personalization options

They don't offer any customization options online. They leave spaces for your league name and fantasy team names to be added. Otherwise it's a standard fantasy football draft board.

Customization Options: 1.5/5 

3. Freebies, Discounts & Giveaways - The Commish Kit bonuses of fantasy draft boards.

Each fantasy football draft board comes with a sharpie marker and double-sided tape for getting your board onto the wall. Otherwise they hold a competition each year for the best league draft photos. The winners can get free draft boards for future seasons, t-shirts, or even fantasy trophies.

Freebies Rating: 4/5

4. Website - The Commish Kit site and its impact on your fantasy football draft board purchase.

Commish Kit knows their target audience. They have beautiful women all over the site modeling with their draft boards. They keep you interested in every aspect of the site (as if you need more of a reason than just fantasy).

They are known for offering great educational videos on how to use their draft boards and they offer you better looks at their product offerings. They clearly go the extra mile to make sure you're happy with the board you pick.

The eye-candy is great, however sometimes the different color variations can get confusing on the site. They should streamline this to make it an even better customer experience.

Website Rating: 4.5/5

5. Price - How much is a Commish Kit fantasy football draft board going to cost me?

Commish Kit offers their 12 team fantasy football draft boards for $25 plus shipping. This puts them right in-line with most of the fantasy football draft board providers in this review.

Price Rating: 4/5

6. Overall impression of Commish Kit fantasy football draft boards

Unfortunately the beautiful models you see on the site are not included with a draft board purchase. Overall they offer a great shopping experience and options for standard leagues. If you're looking to get things customized or more detailed you may need to consider different options.

Review of The Draft Kit - DraftKit.comFantasy Football Draft Board Review

They have 19 years of experience selling fantasy draft boards and they support multiple different fantasy sports.

1. Product Scope - The Draft Board Options of The Draft Kit

Draft Kit has a extensive line of football draft board products that are high quality and durable.  Their standard draft boards are printed on 60 paper which is 3 times thicker than the thinnest board in this review.  Their football boards come in 3 varieties:

  • Personal: 14 teams, 30 rounds - Great if you're tracking the draft yourself or have a group of owners sitting around a small table.
  • Regular: 8 - 16 teams, 20 - 30 rounds - The perfect size for most living rooms, garages, conference rooms, or bars.
  • Jumbo: 14 teams, 20 rounds - A truly massive board with enormous player labels. This board should be reserved for drafts held in a very large conference room or hall where people may be sitting far away from the board.

In addition to fantasy draft boards, Draft Kit also sells fantasy trophies, mini-helmets, football/baseball awards, a re-usable draft board stand, a unique playoff draft kit, and IDP/Auction labels. They will allow you to swap standard labels for auction labels (if you're purchasing a regular board) for an extra $1.00.

It's hard to find a product that Draft Kit doesn't offer. If there had to be one it would be that they don't offer a reusable draft board, but that's getting really picky. They've got just about every base covered.

Product Scope Rating: 4.5/5

2. Customization Options - Fantasy draft board options of The Draft Kit

Every regular and jumbo board from Draft Kit comes with a free board personalization kit. This kit allows you to print league, team, & bye-week information onto adhesive labels which you can apply to your board. This is a great feature because many leagues are still finalizing their teams right up to draft time. The ability to print your own custom labels means you can wait until the last minute to customize your board if necessary.

Printable templates for your personalization kit are available through their website and the kit itself includes:

  1. A large league name label
  2. A large bye-weeks label
  3. 15-20 team labels (depending on your board size)

The flexibility of Draft Kit's personalization kit is un-matched. They are the only merchant in this review to provide this unique customization option.

Customization Rating: 5/5

3. Freebies - The benefits of choosing The Draft Kit for a fantasy football draft board

Astonishingly, Draft Kit offers free draft kits to military personnel serving overseas; all you have to do is pay for the shipping. In 2012 they sent 196 free draft kits to personnel serving abroad. Whoa! Through their website they also offer a free random draft order generator which you can use to randomize your draft order and automatically email the results to all league owners.

Every draft kit purchase includes access to a library of draft-related forms including player checklists, draft order cards, roster forms, NFL schedules, and more. Returning customers also receive discounted rates at Draft Kit and as mentioned before, personalization kits are free with the order of a regular or jumbo draft board.

Customization Rating: 5/5

4. Website - The purchasing experience with The Draft Kit for fantasy draft boards

Draft Kit's website design is very dated but easy to navigate and the information is laid-out well. Since this is a mom & pop operation I'm guessing that they also designed the site themselves. A site re-design wouldn't require much and I think a more modern design would go a long way toward further legitimizing their already impressive product offering.

Website Rating: 3.5/5

5. Price - How much you'll pay for a fantasy football draft board

The price for a standard 12 team, 15 round draft board is $20 at Draft Kit which is on the lower-end of the price spectrum for football boards.  The fact that their customization kit comes free is a nice bonus and really separates them from the crowd.

Price Rating: 4.5/5 

6. Overall Impression of The Draft Kit for fantasy football draft boards

Draft Kit's variety of products combined with their free personalization kit is unmatched in the industry.  When you combine their product offering with their philanthropic efforts and commitment to personnel serving overseas, it'd be hard to say that there is another merchant who deserves your business more.

Review of Fantasy Sports Trophies - FantasySportsTrophies.com

They are celebrating their 11th year in business selling fantasy football draft boards.

1. Product Scope - Your fantasy football draft board options

As the name suggests, Fantasy Sports Trophies focuses primarily on their line of trophies. However, they sell an assortment of other items including draft boards for the following configurations:Fantasy Football Draft Board Review

  • 8 teams, 30 rounds
  • 10 teams, 20 or 25 rounds
  • 12 teams, 20 or 25 rounds
  • 14 teams, 20 or 25 rounds
  • 16 teams, 20 or 25 rounds

All of their draft boards are printed on paper and wall mounted, no free-standing or re-usable boards. They also offer a downloadable draft kit for commissioners who drop the ball for roughly the same price as an Expressed Shipped kit, but the player labels can only be printed in white.

One of the unique services that Fantasy Sports Trophies offers is a Fantasy Sports Judge league mediation package. If your league needs an independent party to assist in settling disputes, you can purchase advice for an entire season or on a per-dispute basis.

As you might suspect, their line of fantasy sports trophies is actually quite impressive and affordable. Trophy prices range from $5.00 all the way to $399 for their brushed-bronze Fantasy Rosell perennial trophy, so there's a trophy for every budget.

It's obvious that trophies are their bread and butter, but I'd like to see these guys create a draft kit which combines a trophy with their draft boards for a discounted rate. I think this would be a natural way to introduce draft boards to their existing trophy customers base.

Product Scope Rating: 3/5

2. Customization Options of Fantasy Sports Trophies fantasy draft boards

Draft boards sold through Fantasy Sports Trophies can be customized with your league name, logo (or photo), and a message for no additional cost.    The message is printed on the bottom of your draft board and your league logo/photo is added as a watermark right in the middle.  Bye weeks are also printed on each draft board.

Customization Rating: 4.5/5 

3. Freebies - The perks of choosing Fantasy Sports Trophies for fantasy draft boards

Fantasy Sports Trophies offers a few freebies including free shipping for active service & reserve military if you're at an APO or FPO address. Each draft kit comes with a thick marker pen and double-side tape.

If you purchase a trophy, you are also eligible for one free mediation by the Fantasy Sports Judge. Finally, they offer contests in which you can win a free fantasy trophy and up to $1500 cash by following them on social media.

Freebies Rating: 3.5/5 

4. Website - The experience with Fantasy Sports Trophies

Fantasy Sports Trophies' website definitely leaves a lot to be desired.  Navigating around their product line isn't too difficult, but there are quite a few typos throughout the site which give it an unprofessional feel.  With such a good trophy line I think they'd definitely profit from a website redesign.

Website Rating: 2/5

5. Price - The price you'll pay for a fantasy football draft board from Fantasy Sports Trophies

At $27.99 plus shipping for a standard 12-team draft board Fantasy Sports Trophies is on the higher end of the price spectrum.   However, when you consider that all of their customization options are free, they turn out to be a decent deal.

Price Rating: 4/5 

6. Overall impression of Fantasy Sports Trophies for fantasy football draft boards

Fantasy Sports Trophies has one of the more highest-priced kits for a standard wall-hangable board.  However, if you're looking for some unique customization options and your league is willing to throw in a few extra bucks then Fantasy Sports Trophies is definitely worth a look.

Reviewing Fantasy Football Draft Boards

We will continue to review the other 4 fantasy football draft board options you have available over the 4th of July weekend. As we know that many of you are eager to begin researching draft board we wanted to ensure that you had a great starting point.

These fantasy football draft board vendors come recommended from various fantasy football experts all over the country. If there are fantasy draft board suppliers you'd like to see added to this review, let us know in the comments. We know there are plenty of great ones out there.

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