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Fantasy Football Draft Advice: Take a Quarterback in Round 1

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Round 1 Draft Advice Series: I'll be posting numerous guides advocating why you should draft someone at each position in the first round of your fantasy draft. This doesn't mean it's always in your best interest. Read why and when I suggest doing it. Spoiler alert: It takes a special person to take a QB in round one.

If I had to sum up the 2014 quarterback class in one word, I'd use the term: deep.

You can look all across your rankings and mock draft boards and see that there is value to be had at all different points of your fantasy football draft.

In this piece I'll make the argument that drafting a quarterback in the first round is not only worth the investment, but the best decision you can make.

Why You Should Take a Quarterback in Round 1 of Your Fantasy Draft

Quarterbacks continue to put up insane numbers. Just look at what Peyton Manning did last season. Now it'd be crazy to expect the same performance again but you have to think that multiple quarterbacks are going to have great seasons.

Last season both Peyton Manning and Drew Brees finished 2013 with more than 400 fantasy points. Thats over 27 points a game! Now I know they weren't consistently giving you those points week in and week out. However when those days came you rode to a victory.

Don't you want to have that peace of mind that you never have to worry about grabbing a QB off the wire, except for bye weeks? Or to know you'll always get 15+ points? Those feelings are incredible.

If you want a sure thing take Peyton Manning in round one. The Broncos are gearing up to make another Super Bowl run and they aren't stopping anytime soon.

When You Should Take a Quarterback in Round 1 of Your Fantasy Draft

I've advocated taking a quarterback in round one of the fantasy draft but only at a particular draft spot. I can't in good conscious tell you to take one with the first five picks in the draft. There's just too much talent elsewhere. However if you're sitting near the back of the draft and really want Peyton I'd understand the grab. I wouldn't personally agree with it, but I'd respect it.

As much as I'm supposed to sell you on taking a QB in round one, don't reach too far. You'll regret it.

Why You Shouldn't Take a Quarterback in Round 1 of Your Fantasy Draft

Someone always has to play the devils advocate. As that person I think taking a quarterback in the first round is the worst decision you can ever make. The position in 2014 is crazy deep and some of the other positions need more attention. Take a look at some of our quarterback rankings and you'll see that there's as many as 12-15 guys you wouldn't be crushed starting.

I'd much rather see you spend this first round pick on a running back. Depth there is not good and you don't want a questionable guy as your number one. You can also look to go wide receiver. Calvin Johnson is a beast and is a welcome addition to any fantasy roster. Just think about it. And of course there's Jimmy Graham. The guy is incredible and quite frankly deserves to be in the first round conversation.

I'll break down the pros and cons of each player in the first round during their respective draft advice series.

Know the Value of Each Player on Your Draft Board

As always knowing the value of each player is crucial. Not only the value to you but also how the rest of your league values the position. If your league always devalues quarterbacks, then you're crazy to waste a first round pick on one. On the flip side if it's a two quarterback league you better not wait too long to get your guys.

Every situation is different but what should always remain the same is how you value these players. Learn who you'll reach for and who simply isn't worth it.

Nick Schreck