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4 Fantasy Players I Simply Can't Trust in Week 4

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You're going to be faced with tough decisions in life. A part of life is fantasy football, which means those tough decisions have translated over. I'm sure there's some technical name for that but I can't for the life of me find the time to look it up.

With the bye weeks arriving your sit and start decisions have gotten much harder, without the addition of these four players to the list.

I understand if you need to start one of these guys or start someone you're not in love with. I'll be doing that in some leagues this week.

I just want to share my thoughts on some of these guys, with the hope that you'll be able to win some fantasy match-ups.

The Fantasy Players I Can't Trust in Week 4

Every week there are going to be fantasy players that you simply want to play, even if you know you shouldn't. Sometimes you won't have a better option and sometimes you'll just foolishly stick to your guns.

Sometimes these calls will be wrong, so don't take them as gospel. But these are 4 players that I think you should consider benching if you have a viable alternative for week 4 fantasy match-ups.

Cam Newton

Listen, I love the guy. I drafted him in nearly every league this year. But through his first two active weeks Cam hasn't been what you had hoped. He's produced an acceptable, but below expectations, of 15 fantasy points on average.

Cam gets a ton of his fantasy value from his rushing, he always has. After having offseason ankle surgery as well as fighting through a rib injury in the first few weeks, Cam has only 5 rushes on the year. Sure they have probably called less designed runs, but he looks more worried about taking off than before. Not that I can blame the guy, he's taken a beating.

He was averaging 5 rushes a game last season which means he's currently on pace for half of that.

In week 4 Cam faces the Ravens defense who is the 8th best against the run. They're going to expect him to throw the ball, which could be great for Kelvin Benjamin (whom I love). However, I just can't feel good about starting him this week.

I'll be rolling with Matt Ryan in one fantasy league while evaluating my fantasy options in others.

The Jets Running Backs

The Detroit Lions' front seven is sick. It's something I personally never want to have to run against, and it's something I can't imagine their opponents are thrilled about.

The way to beat the Lions is through their secondary. That should mean more passing and less rushing for the Jets in week 4. If Ivory can catch a bunch of balls as he did in week 3, he may still hold some value.

As for CJ2K (formerly known as) forget about it. You can't feel good about starting him in any capacity.

I'm looking elsewhere, although in PPR leagues Ivory still may hold some value as a Flex play depending on your lineup needs.

Roddy White

As of now we don't even have confirmation that he'll be on the field in week 4 due to a hamstring injury. This is a wait and see situation, but I'm still not in love even if he plays.

The Vikings held the Saints receivers to just 160 yards and their secondary is better than many people think.

If White plays he'll be involved, but Julio showed last week how talented he is. With the matchup and Julio's talent, I'd look elsewhere for fantasy success in week 4.

Reggie Wayne

You're facing the Titans defense, one that is ranked 6th is wide receiver fantasy scoring. The cornerback group they have there of Jason McCourty, Blidi Wreh-Wilson and Coty Sensabaugh, have done a pretty decent job limiting opposing passing games so far.

In weeks 2 and 3 (versus Dallas and Cincinnati) they held WR's to an average of 142 yards for the team.

You could also look at the fact that Wayne only got 5 target last week, the lowest number he's ever gotten with Luck as his quarterback.

Sure the Colts offense is full of offensive firepower, but I won't go down with Reggie Wayne. I think you should look elsewhere for fantasy points in week 4.

This is Fantasy Football

At the end of the day we're playing fantasy football. It's your team and ultimately your lineup decision.

Don't simply decide to bench one of these guys based on my thoughts above. Instead take them into consideration when making your lineup decisions.

Use your rankings, fantasy experts advice and ultimately trust your gut. At the end of the day you'll be able to live with your decision.

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