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The National Fantasy Football Convention: Get Pumped

By May 19, 2016No Comments
Fantasy Football Conference 2016

Whenever I used to hear the word convention my mind immediately flashes to the thought of a boring corporate event where I'm being forced to spend my time.

Now I know not all conventions are like that, but try telling me it hasn't crossed your mind at least once.

So when I heard about the National Fantasy Football Convention being held in Cali July 15-17, I thought it was too good to be true.

Cali and fantasy football? What more could I ask for.

I wanted to see if I could get the inside scoop on what the convention was really all about.

I was skeptical. I mean past conventions have tried to wow us with the fantasy allure in the past. What would make this one different?

The Ultimate Fantasy Experience

The biggest takeaway is this, it's about the fan experience.

NFL stars won't be put behind barriers and shown off like animals in a zoo. You'll get to interact with them live, have a conversation and get an experience, unlike anything you've ever had before.

Listen to Tony Romo tell you all about it here:

Meet The Players That Help You Win

Fantasy Football Convention 2016

They say seeing is believing.

We'll you better clean off your glasses and freshen up your contacts because you are in for a treat.

I'm told that there will be nearly 100 NFL players at the convention. No seriously.

There will be at least 1 player from every NFL team, with some of the biggest names in NFL and fantasy football there (ahem, Eddie Lacy, Josh Norman, Jamaal Charles, Tony Romo and so many more).

You can have the chance to meet them, get autographs, grab a drink or even enjoy the kickoff and after parties with them. Now that's fucking cool.

Who knows, you may even become best friends.

This ain't a fantasy, it's a reality.

We Want To See You There

That's right.

Some of the Let's Talk Fantasy Football team will be in Cali for the convention this July.

We'd love to meet some of our readers, talk fantasy football and enjoy the experience together.

Wondering how you can take part in the very first National Fantasy Football Convention? We've got you covered.

Register for the convention here and use code LTFF to save some bucks!

We may even be giving away 2 tickets to the convention! We'll be back with details soon! 

Who out there is planning to attend the convention?

Nick Schreck