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The Best Fantasy Football Commercials

By July 30, 2018No Comments
Best Fantasy Football Commercials 2017

Fantasy football is the ultimate unifier. Whether you love it, hate it or are somewhere in between, it's a talking point that you'll hear countless times over the coming months.

Even when you're not around a fantasy football fanatic, there's a chance you'll stumble on a fantasy football commercial.

Why? Because companies spend millions upon millions of dollars every year on TV advertisements. The fact is, some of them really aren't that great. However there are always some that catch our eye and keep us wanting more.

There are actually some really incredible fantasy football commercials that I never knew existed until earlier this year. I figured that since I didn't know about them, you probably didn't either. At least I said that to make myself feel better.

I took the time to watch a ton of videos and below I've broken down my top five choices. Some of them are better than others but at the end of the day any true fantasy fan will enjoy them.

These Videos Apply to Your Life More Than You Realize

The biggest takeaway I had from watching these videos was that they apply to my life in more ways than I ever would have imagined. I mean we all win, we all lose and we all get pissed off at someone in the process.

Take some time to see how they apply to your life. You'll be glad you did.

 Fantasy - By DirecTV

I'll start with a disclaimer: This is a slight promotion for DirecTV. At least a more obvious one than some of the others on this list. With that being said I still love it. It's a funny take on punishing those who don't do the necessary fantasy research or take the easy route. To be honest I'd look into anything that would make my life better. But it makes for a good commercial. I wish I could taser someone without getting in trouble. But I'll never be a police officer, so that option's out.

Last Spot - By ESPN

Here's a commercial that you may have seen on TV. I know it crossed my screen once or twice. It's a funny take on making fantasy decisions and how to decide who the last person in your league is going to be. We all laugh watching this, but deep down inside all the die-hard fantasy fans know they'd do whatever it took to get the last spot. Even if they'll deny it to everyones face. Don't worry, I can see all of your true colors.

The Best One Yet - By ESPN

This one may be my favorite of the bunch. We've all been in one of the many situations you see in this video. We've all been overstudying stats, stressed out during games and have been trying to get score updates at some of the most inconvenient times. There isn't a single word spoken during the commercial. But the music and graphics do enough talking. Fantasy football is more than just fantasy, it's means more to us then we've ever known. Oh, and if you try telling me you've never checked your fantasy score while going the bathroom I'd say your a liar.

Draft Day Absence - By

There's nothing worse than having to draft online with your entire league. It just eliminates the fun. The only thing worse is missing one or two people from a live, in-person draft. To be honest there's only a few legitimate excuses that should get you out of a live draft, and I don't subscribe to the thought that a wedding is one of those excuses. You should have picked a different date. Now you're forced to pick between the two loves in your life, and to be honest you just screwed yourself in fantasy football. Your team is going to be terrible.

I know, I know. In theory your buddies from your long time league would likely be at your wedding, but you're reading too far into this. Well, I guess the funs over.

Had a Bad Day - By

Here's a commercial that nearly every fantasy player has seen at some point in their career. It's overplayed but it's the slightest bit catchy. It appeals to all of us at some point because we can't win all the time. At times we feel like nothing can go right and the world is against us. It happens.

I chose this commercial not because it's one of the best, but because it's one of the most accurate. It portrays some of us at our weakest points. Oh wait, let me guess... you're the guy that never loses. If that's the case enjoy the video below, at least you'll know how the rest of us feel.

Fantasy Football Commercials

Watching commercials on TV are never usually enjoyable unless it's the Super Bowl. Those are either entertaining, exciting or tug at your heartstrings. I'm not saying any of my choices above did that for you today, but they very well may have.

It's entirely possible that I missed some great fantasy football commercials. After all, there are probably thousands that exist. If you think you've got a good one, share it below. We'd love to expand our list and share it with others.

Nick Schreck