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You Got Auto-Drafted. Now What?

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First off, I'm sorry. Getting auto-drafted in even the least competitive of leagues should be upsetting.

I understand how it happens, we're all busy with life. But when you love fantasy football you should always find a way to draft your own team, whether through proxy in person or via your phone on the go.

I'm not here to bash you if you let your team get auto-drafted, although I am sighing and dropping my head in disappointment.

Here's how you can make it up to not me, but to yourself. Don't give up and consider it a lost season.

I know the idea of two kickers and an early round defense wasn't what you had in mind, but you can still recover.

The fantasy football gods want to see you succeed, here's how you give them something to believe in.

Use the Waiver Wire

Depending on your league the players available on the wire are going to vary greatly, however there are several guys you should be looking for. If they're all owned, maybe you should start looking to make trades, although don't just make trades to make them (I'll touch on this in a minute).

I truly believe, and many fantasy football experts do as well, that you can't simply win your league through the draft. The waiver wire is crucial all season long, and that rings true even before the season begins.

Whether you had a list of sleepers you couldn't target or veterans that everyone has written off, you can find some talent out there. You may get laughs or harsh messages on the message boards, but as long as you believe in what you're doing you should have the last laugh.

According to the following players are owned in less than 60% of fantasy leagues. That means, depending on your leagues scoring and the talent of your owners, you should consider these guys:

  • Jordan Matthews - WR - Eagles - 5.7% Owned
  • Dwayne Allen - TE - Colts - 5.7% Owned
  • Carson Palmer - QB - Cardinals - 15.2% Owned
  • Kelvin Benjamin - WR - Panthers - 35.4% Owned
  • Andre Williams - RB - Giants - 46.8% Owned
  • Carlos Hyde - RB - 49ers - 53.3% Owned
  • Justin Hunter - WR - Titans - 53.8% Owned

Look to Make Trades

Let me preface this by saying, don't simply make trades for the sake of making trades. If you can't find the value to your team in the trade don't do it. Sometimes it is in your best interest to simply not make a deal. It's okay if that happens.

However, you should be looking to make deals with various owners across your league. As there is only going to be so much talent left on the waiver wire, trading becomes an integral piece to your championship run.

Speak with countless owners and don't be shy to admit that you're speaking with the rest of the league. Sometimes this will kickstart things and other times they'll give a response that will indicate that they're not interested.

Always make sure that your trade offers are realistic. No one in your league wants to trade Peyton Manning for Trent Richardson. So please stop. Remember, if you can't find a fool in the deal, it's probably you.

Take a look at your fantasy rankings or other fantasy experts across the industry and see what people think. This should give you a rough value of how people are being viewed by other owners. You'll have to give up good players to get good players. That's simply how it works.

Just remember, no one wants to trade all of their good players for your shitty players. If you wouldn't consider the trade as the other owner, odds are they won't either (some leagues have fantasy players who do accept wild trades, so keep this in mind if you're looking for a trade partner.)

Keeping Your Fantasy Season Alive

These aren't ground breaking suggestions. They're simply tips to help keep your season alive.

All I simply ask is that you don't become an absentee owner. Your entire league will suffer and they'll hate you for it.

Your team is salvageable, no matter how bad the auto-draft treated you. Sure some weeks will be tough and you'll need to play guys with a ton of risk, but isn't that what gambling is all about? At this point you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Make some strategic moves and make some noise, your fantasy rivals won't know what hit them.

They say it's always darkest before the dawn. Or something like that. It's your time to pick up the pieces and shine ladies and gents.

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